perhaps the act of, and technology of clicking a hand-held mouse on the table to control a pointer on your monitor has reached its limits as per “The End of History and the Last Man” by Francis Fukuyama -_-
– that is, until you mind-control the whole procedure for even voice-control takes over-time –
“even You, Siri”

that there is now quite a wait until the next new model is introduced .
– although /most/ yet not all Microsoft and Logitech models are imported into South Korea –
and this latest one from Microsoft won’t have materialized if Steve Jobs hadn’t introduced Apple iPhone
for all its swipes and sweeps it is an iPhone wanna-be (mouse)

starts from the packaging .. cutely compact just like an iPhone, except more Red in color .
for previous models came in transparent plastic tops carved onto the mouse’s upper side
where the potential buyer can actually grab and get a feel of the mouse in his/her palms .

and behold : the most fun part is unraveling the mouse from the package
(for I will “I-told-you-so” later : it is frustrating in actual usage)


well the first question most people ask is
whether there are any mechanical /real/ “clicks”
and the answer is Yes, only one .

the whole up-front comes down when clicked
and it is whether the device sense a finger on the Left OR Right side that decides if it is a Left Click OR a Right Click .
– a major flaw is when you rest BOTH fore fingers on Left AND Right positions :
it perceives as a Left-Click –

and the rest of moving your fingers all around the top of the mouse to hover web-pages
or move back and forth ..
yes it “sounds” fun and intreguing as if you are using an iPhone as a mouse (?)

but soon you will be lost (physically too, but mostly mentally) AND sanded finger tips, duh
that is why NOT long after its introduction there are ample used-item sales in South Korea .
new selling at W64,000 at discount outlets and used already W10,000 down 8)



now a comparison with my work-horses Logitech VX Revolution (Left) and MX1100 Cordless Laser Mouse (Center)
both widely popular models introduced from 2006 and 2008 respectively
so-much-so that major on-Line stores (which otherwise sell new products only) sell refurbished models for roughly 70% its original price – and from buyer review seems mostly clean exteriors .


so mouse pad, mouse pad, on the desk :
which, is the fairest Mouse of them all ?

– Korea Tech BLog, October 2011 –