How good does a company and its products have to be, for anxious buyers to line-up on release eve and still-so a good Month there-after around the World ?

for it was so, on the morning of the Weekend of October 23 2015 again in the case of iPhone 6S and PLUS, far across the Pacific Ocean from Apple Head-Quarters . at the very-first Official Apple Store to open in Hong Kong, the truely international hub between East and West from the days of Marco Polo . a good line of about 20 people had formed an hour after opening at 10am, yet soon a clerk can out in front to announce there is no more PLUS model today -_- this line would have been much longer if Apple didn’t levy a reservation system from this model in major countries and cities, requiring buyers to sign-up from 8am for pick-up the same-day //

the location is a Post-Modern day wonder geographically as well as visually, for it is at the second floor (first floor in British-Hong Kong terms) of iFC sky-scraper who lower floors are tabbed Mall, built right above Hong Kong Station where (z-a-p) express trains arrive from its service airport across a long tunnel then another bridge . I was first here a couple of Months after its opening and the shopping and support was instant and satisfactory . but now you have to line-up for both, unless simply trying-out the relatively-few products compared to its competitions – meaning it is ever-more popular, even though .


Historical Record of Apple Stores to Open in Hong Kong :

  1. 2011.9.24 (iPhone 4S time) open at second floor (floor above ground floor) iFC Mall, Hong Kong island
  2. 2012.9.29 (for iPhone 5) under-ground level in relatively remote Festive Walk, far in-land deep in Kowloon – touted the first modern shopping mall in Hong Kong when open back in 1998 .
  3. 2012.12.15 (during iPhone 5) open at Hysan Place – taking-up the first three levels in the shopping mecca of CauseWay Bay, Hong Kong island . it is just across the street, South from Japanese Department Store SOGO atop CauseWay Bay MTR Subway Station .
  4. 2015.7.30 (before iPhone 6S) on the busy Canton Road, right across from the Post-Modern shopping wonder : Harbour City or Town . located a joy-ful five minutes shopping stroll (North) from Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Terminal as well as West from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Subway Station . and reflecting the messy (dirty, put nicely) district : street vendors around this newest Apple Store all-the-way from its subway station sell the latest iPhone 6S and PLUS in the most popular models : Rose Gold color and larger capacity .



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