We already have an extensive Post about English menu on ipTime wireless router firmwares, but ipTime has gone ballistic with on their high-end models perhaps anticipating Lunar NEW YEARS . so-far they have been randomly inserting English menus on A2004NS and Plus and/or A3004NS . then their higher model in A5004NS had been released over last Christmas with not much fan-fare as it only ups the speed a bit . then in a rapid move the following firmwares now have a choice of English too 😉

  • A2004NS and Plus firmware v9.36 with typical file name a2004ns_en_9_36.bin
  • A3004NS firmware v9.40 with typical file name a3004ns_en_9_40.bin
  • A5004NS firmware v9.40 with typical file name a5004ns_en_9_40.bin


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13.12.11 ipTime English FirmWare Menu :

14.11.16 ipTime A3004 A3004NS v9.28 English FirmWare Menu :

15.4.13 Latest ipTime English Menu FirmWare :

– Oh, NOT yet .. Korea Tech BLog –


( March 23 Update ) OK their firmwares have been updated to version 9.52 and English menus on their two top-of-the-line wireless routers A3004NS and A5004NS ONLY, ditching earlier A2004NS this time around . so it would be safe to deduct they will be offering English firmwares for their high-end products – all-the-while denying Officially : they have any plans to provide English firmwares nor over-seas support ..