Hello Mobile is one of 24 to-date discount cellular carriers in South Korea, and the most popular as it belongs to CJ conglomerate (although a few others are subsiadiaries of other conglomerates like KT and SK) thus offering a better risk than n0-brand names . and as they are 30~50% cheaper there must be a catch, right ? read on ~ plus many aspects do and expect to change so the following holds true as of February 2015, when more users are opting for this a good three years from their first service .

[ DIFFERENCE ] the major difference from uncomparably larger KT, SKT and now LGT is that their promotional venders – contractors included – do not wear skimpy uniforms aside from racing events such as on above photo . and that they are sub-contractors for KT using their band-width, so in essence : CJ’s Hello Mobile cell phone as well as data transfer quality is identical to KT .

[ PRO’S ] the fore-most reason for choosing a discount carrier (dubbed in Korean as “thrifty phone”) is its price – almost 40% lower than the dominating KT, SKT or LGT .


[ CON’S ] as it offers a considerable discount there are several disadvantages – known so not really pitfalls – you should know ahead, like :

  • they have far-less number of branches and support centers for repair compared to KT, SKT or even LGT but you sign-up On-Line (new phone or a USIM Card will be sent via next-day courrier)
    *note many other discount carriers have delegated their services to the local Post Office and they may too //
  • they do not offer any of the attractive insurance plans optional with conglomerates’ subscription plans – similar to Apple’s but takes effect when your device is lost or stolen !
  • they only have LTE and not 3G data transfers . both KT and SKT have older plans with unlimited usage (as an early technology 3G is slower but more stable, with more coverage throughout South Korea)
  • they do not have a “second phone number” extra-paid-option that KT and SKT have long had – more on this on separate Post ..
  • You will be mostly on your own, or at the mercy to purchase a local SIM-Card when going abroad as they do not offer or have faible international roaming plans .
  • although I personally like CJ among Korean conglomerates, know : there is a fierce competion on cable-TV, office or home internet connection and cellular carriers and many quite often used sneaky practices so signing-out or transfering-out may be a problem or take time when it is time to go ..
[ BEST FOR ] and considering the Difference and Con’s above, it best be chosen if : you have to (due to credit ratings, etc.,) or want to use an unlocked phone without subscription plans, although they too offer it .



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