the dominant wireless router company in South Korea : ipTime has been offering a choice of English menu on their now-second from top model A2004NS introduced last June 2013 and its enhanced version Plus released this April 2014 . this was the ONLY model where an English menu was available aside from its default Korean despite a higher model in A3004NS was introduced the same April, and its lower counterpart A3004 in July – both only in Korean .

however the last of English menu on A2004NS/Plus was on firmware version 9.26 released in July and not implemented on the newer 9.29 just released early November . instead they seem to have opted to dedicate English firmware research on the now-highest model A3004 and NS from its firmware 9.28, as they are available for download from this Month in November 2014 😉
1411116 ipTime A3004NS v9.28 English firmware upgradeOra10BT72
download English firmware for ipTime A3004 ≫LiNK
download English firmware for ipTime A3004NS ≫LiNK

*note : do not even try to use the above firmwares on any other model – ipTime or not //



 [ LiNK ]
13.12.11 ipTime English FirmWare Menu :

15.2.16 ipTime A2004NS A3004NS A5004NS English Menu FirmWare :

15.4.13 Latest ipTime English Menu FirmWare :

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( December 20 Saturday Update ) so the above was a one-time flash event : as the firmware has since been updated to 9.30 then 9.32 successively, all in Korean only . it is a good thing, for the English one was not that stable .