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131211 ipTime A2004NS 8.86 English menu01e

as repeatedly told through-out the classic science fiction movie “2010 A Space Odyssey” that “something Wonderful is going to happen” .. it did, counting-down to Christmas 2013 and with news the latest iPad Air and Mini Retina will now be released onto South Korea the third Week of December 😉

the monopolizingly-dominating wireless router brand in South Korea : ipTime finally gets an English menu !!!

however this is ONLY available in the form of the latest firmware v.8.86 available from December 3rd 2013, for their top-of-the-line A2004NS wireless router with NAS network-attached storage capability – *note this is the first and only model to get the latest v.8.86 firmware for now //
download page link

ofcourse you recognize miss-spelling from the start, as in “Conneted” dough quite common in even the largest makers from Korea, as well as neighboring China and even Japan .


no other model’s menu are available in English yet a good Week after the latest firmware, as ipTime does NOT export even though they are producing more than enough variety of models in this sector, that you have to ponder for a while in choosing one . ipTime customer support had denied plans for English firmware nor menu even up ’til last Month, even considering quite a number of Korean business and factories abroad who are using their routers, and whose local employees do NOT understand Korean ..

and in contemplating English throughout their menu : it is rational they start-out with a top model carrying the most specifications, as they can simply take-out irrelevant portions in lesser models . whether or not upcoming firmware v8.86 for other models will carry an English option remains to be seen, as even if they will continue for their top-of-the-line models . but since menu context is identical throughout all ipTime models, with a few exceptions depending on capability such as an extra 5GHz band : takes the hassle out of translating each menu wording and will exchange current reference captures on ipTime throughout this BLog, into the new English one better for all of our subscribers to comprehend 😉


and as they say in the British all-star-cast drama “Love Actually” with out-rageously related characters forming quite an extensive um network, whose 10th Anniversary Christmas Edition has just been released :
it is going to be a Wonderful Christmas 😉

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13.12.11 ipTime English FirmWare Menu :

14.11.16 ipTime A3004 A3004NS v9.28 English FirmWare Menu :

15.2.16 ipTime A2004NS A3004NS A5004NS English Menu FirmWare :

– Korea Tech BLog, TWO Weeks to Christmas 2013 –



( January 4th 2014 Update ) Happy New Oriental Year of the Horse ! but false-alarm and bug found on newer firmwares :

so when something suddenly seems too good to be true – it ain’t .. as the two latest firmwares for A2004NS namely v8.84 and 8.86 blocks certain ports on P2P programs, which up until v8.82 have been alright . this is exactly the reason you should keep at least a couple of older firmware versions in-hand, for the art of trying to make the perfect device is constantly contested by newer hardware, software and surroundings .. that it is expected to connect and endure

still the English menu on the newest firmware is beautiful and I might just switch back-and-forth um, which really is a no-no on any device . perhaps we will be greeted with better news come Lunar New Years 😉


( January 17th Update ) so how’s da Year of da Unicorn (um actually horse but this is da ethereal level of electro dreams so) goin’ for ya’all ?

since this initial Post a Month ago on ipTime firmware v8.86 for their top-of-the-line NAS model A2004NS in English : firmware v8.88 has been released for a dozen models, and v8.90 for A2004NS . again this latest firmware for ipTime’s most expensive model continue to have your option of English in addition to the normal Korean firmware – meaning, it contains mostly English menus . I say ‘mostly’ because a few negligible portions are still in Korean while English here is not perfect although surprisingly fluent . and again No : no other models carry English firmware, thus menu .

ipTime is aggressively upgrading their latest line of NAS network-attached-storage models which enables HDD hard disk drive access via USB port on the router, an area which they are new to – mostly shared by larger HDD and a few local companies .



( April 13th 2014 ) ipTime’s top-of-the-line A2004NS remains the ONLY model to have its firmware constantly updated in Korean as well as English, up to version 9.06 so far . a higher model A3004NS with FIVE antenna (two for 2.4GHz and three for 5GHz) and BroadCom chip has just been released, but remains to be seen as no additional firmware has yet been released .

download link 

( April 16 Wednesday ) OK firmware v.9.10 has just been released yesterday for their new top-of-the-line A3004NS but only comes with Korean menu, so it seems the out-going most expensive router with NAS capability : A2004NS remains the only ipTime model with Korean AND English menu firmwares .

.. at a time when high-end ipTime models are threatened with much more powerful AND sleek design-encased : TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 V.2 from China and American NetGear R7000 !
– review and comparison coming up –



( May 18 Sunday – a full Month past sinking of a large ferry whose investigation is unraveling endless short-comings of a nation developed at the speed of light : without any slot for righteousness ) ipTime’s second runner-up A2004NS still reigns as the only wireless router with English firmware still at v.9.06, albeit menu option amist their more recent model A3004NS now v.9.14 . understandable on the newer model’s firmware release-rush, as it is only a tad better (i.e., in speed as well as stability) than the former -_- witnessed by ahem, Korea Tech BLog

( June 24 Supplement ) English situation is the same with only their now-second top model with alternate English firmware, while the most expensive A3004NS at v.9.16 is still offered only in Korean . plus have confirmed last : Week ipTime has no plan to export nor distribute firmware built with English menu .

( August 11th Update ) bad-news folks : English firmware for A2004NS stops at v.9.22 released July 18th, and their latter v.9.24 and v.9.26 now only available in Korean .. but you knew nothing good ever last for-ever .


( End of August ) The Lord has decided to have mercy on us as A2004NS continue to have its firmware in both English as well as Korean, with above v.9.22 and a new one updated . thus for this (almost – as ipTime has saturated its market with in-between models) second-most powerful model released early last Summer : continue to have English firmware tucked from their v.8.86 released last Christmas up to the recent v.9.26 released last Month – including those for their similar A2004NS Plus released this April .

I recommend this model anyway if you are looking for a high-end local model (High-End goes three times more expensive if you decide to afford much more powerful Taiwanese and American brands though) as this is more stable than the one-notch-up (and slightly more expensive) A3004NS .

※ for beginners : language is built-into a firmware so you have to decide which, as you cannot switch between the two after installation . and even if you don’t particularly have this model : it is quite easy to compare the two menus side-by-side from the series of ipTime Pages introduced on Top Menu here at Korea Tech BLog .


( early November Update ) as iPhone 6 and Plus is now shipping fluidly throughout the Korean Peninsula : firmware for ipTime’s second-Top model A2004NS is beginning to miss-out English menu randomly – meaning, some will and some will not . so it won’t be worth your while to purchase this model just for its legible English menu . well, good times don’t last too long, but for a short moment there : we were able to see what ipTime intended throughout their set-up .

( end of November ) ipTime has halted English firmware on this second-from-top model A2004NS, with its last version 9.24 released July 24, thus now offered in Korean version only . instead they are offering it on their top-of-the-line A3004 AND A3004NS from version 9.28 just released November 11 . however it still remains to be seen if they will continue to do so .



( February 2nd 2015 ) Wat ist das ? a good year after the introduction of ipTime’s only English firmware onto a high-end model .. English has come-and-gone randomly and now to emerge in their latest 9.36 on its slightly enhanced Plus model as well .

so it was many and many a year ago, in a Kingdom-by-the-Sea . That a maiden there lived whom You may know, by the name of Annabel Lee ..