as the closest country to Japan where it is going through historical proportion of EarthQuake, Tsunami AND possible Nuclear melt-down
you might want to know if similar accidents could happen across the narrow strait as well
coincidentally one after the other .

to do so you would want to compare the locations of Korean Nuclear Power Plants
especially its elevation on the likely shores
AND whether they are built the same way .

– in short : the Korean locations are much less hazardous in recorded seismic activity
plus the Reactors are newer AND safer – thus more expensive models, built on higher grounds .

the main problem is in the price factor and all are built against probable hazards in consideration
and it would be unrealistic to make something so much steady it can prevent ANYTHING
while gulping up a whole nations wealth in formation .

currently the US operates 104 reactors while Japan 56 and South Korea 20 in 4 sites
of which I have been to 2 operated immaculately clean with continuous checks
and all are among the higher users of Nuclear energy with France, Russia, Canada, UK and Germany .


Japan : Boiling Water type Reactor

Nuclear core heats water (Left) and the produced steam turns the turbine (Center-above)
and steam is cooled in the Condenser (Center-below) to turn back into water, then sent back to boil (Left).


South Korea : Pressurized Water type Reactor
here you can see the major difference is the addition of a Steam Generator

pressurized water in the RadioActive Loop (far Left) heats the water in the separate Steam Loop (2nd from Left)
by separating water compartments for the Core AND Turbine, this is safer than the above model
but is more complex thus more expensive to build, however produce less output .


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– Korea Tech BLog, March 19th 2011 –