Official Recorded EarthQuakes over Magnitude 9.0 since year 1900 :

  • 1952 Camchatka USSR M9.0
  • 1960 Chile M9.5
  • 1964 Alaska M9.2
  • 2004 Sumatra M9.1


following several substantial earthquakes the relevant quake formed yesterday afternoon
March 11th Friday at 2:40pm at underwater plates forming square area of 200km West AND 500km North from Nagata-ken
which forms the whole North-Eastern sea-board of Japan .

although the whole Japanese populate has been ready or rather lived accepting the deadly consequence
this massive tsunami struck by surprise and all most people in the Capital in Tokyo knew where substantial rumbles were felt
was that you can see several 9-11-like black smoke arising from inner city areas,
soon to find out that most transportation will cease
making most workers in Tokyo who live in outer subway-access areas
to either crash back at the office OR walk a long~ way home .

a dark smoke from fire in the artificial island of Odaiba
had the major exhibition center of Tokyo Big Site to close AND cancel all upcoming conventions .
worry from structural danger also but from the simple fact that
employees as well as visitors will NOT have ample transportation to come to AND from the exhibition site .

current update of exhibition schedule at Tokyo Big Site :


[ The Region – About Sendai and the North-Eastern Japan ]

the area effected by this earthquake AND tsunami is relatively modest-income areas with older-age populace
because Tokyo and its Southern cities like Nagoya AND Osaka enjoy warm seasons with mostly NO snow .

and sea village and farmers with such rural dialects telling of horrific experience AND lost between families is hard to bear for viewers .


watching the now-flooded Sendai Airport serving Central-Northern Japan
I cannot help but admit the vanity of Human against Nature //


[ Major Official Live Streams on the internet in Japanese ]



– Korea Tech BLog, March 12 2011 –


[ Consequent Live Updates ]

3.11 Friday : 2:40pm M9.0 Quake followed by massive tsunami . trains stop AND exhibition cancelled
surviors tell of tsunami hitting 20~30 minutes after quake, and most witness the highest wave at 3~4 stories high on surrounding buildings .

3.12 Saturday : subsequent quakes continues here and there 4, 5, 6 .. TV reporting by colored regions on map .
felt in the Capital of Tokyo and even in Osaka, Japan’s second city much further down South-West .

3.13 Sunday : Japanese government authorities announcement on future action with NOT yet much information data on casualities


3.14 Monday : yet mild BUT concerns on Nuclear Power Plants are Officially announced
AND mandatory electricity shut-downs in Central AND Northern regions come into effect
divide Tokyo-to into 5 districts with electricity outage by 3 hours
although some cut-back are NOT executed if electricity is deem sufficient on-the-spot .

of the known foreign visitors 4100 supposedly in the effected area
those where-abouts currently unaccounted for : 2400 people ..

most hard-hit Miyagi-ken ishinomachi-shi is expected with over 10,000 casualities,
most of the city still water at automobile-tire level ..

currently 430,000 evacuees in shelters with 1691 known dead, AND over 10,000 residents where-abouts unknown ..

reports abound on rescuers discovering 20, 40, .. 200 dead bodies in a town ..


3.15 Tuesday : Nuclear Power Plant meltdown alert and evacuation of residents within 20km and others urged to stay indoors,
foreign press begins live reports from effected sites and international rescue workers including American, Chinese, Australian .. seen at site



3.16 Wednesday : as escapees in evacuation sites mostly in near-by school gradually wake up from the shock AND begin to feel discomfort in closed surroundings, humanitarian efforts begin with TV internviewers asking what they need most :
answer : water, blanket, gasoline to run errands AND information on their families ..

relatives trying to go by car seeking their relatives up North NOR volunteers throughout Japan where many are unemployed after the economic bubble
are urged to stay put – for gasoline AND food shortage once on site .

noteably : Daichi Junior High School students evidently without parents calmly speaking of their needs in Japanese TV interviews
– I do NOT think I could be this sain at this age in such circumstance ..

add to this : it starts snowing in this devastated area where rescued people need warmth ..

all-the-while after-quakes in M4~5 continues at random, even felt in the Capital of Tokyo ..


( Evening update as Nuclear meltdown fear heightens )
beginning with Plant 1 and then 3 followed by 2 and today 4, the whole Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Plant is in danger .
from my experience in translating for insurance advisors visiting Nuclear Plants
the Japanese government in hand with those professors in turn advising the government AND aiding construction of the very Plants in problem
as well as the major media is under-estimating the possible outcome in their very own Sci-Fi Otaku hopes of solutions !

live coverage that shred my tears ..

a woman returned with rain-boots to find her grand-father and mumbles in tears watching her building
“so this time even the 3rd floor was NOT safe ..” (reports of highest waves were 4-stories high)

graduation ceremony of an elementary school held in a small hall
with many children evidently without their parents,
the principal apologizing the graduation ceremony has to be so humble
and teachers handing out diplomas in tears ..


Crown Emperor‘s consoling speech was delivered 7:40pm over proceeding broadcasts
and was reminiscent of the radio Surrender announcement by his father 66 years ago ending WWII .
full of sorrow yet calmly urging all those in charge to fully excel their responsibilities
and yearning for evacuees to retain Hope
“so we all can hold together to survive this grave situation of EarthQuate, Tsunami AND Nuclear disaster ..”

God it IS the Crown Emperor but instead of in awe, people simply returned to their surviving chores ..
understandable for some sentiment of betrayal towards the government AND Tokyo Electricity Co. cannot be covered
for evacuated elders complaints are overheard mumbling
“we accepted they build those plants for they said it was SAFE !”

then news of popular baseball tournament being self-cancelled and the players instead
headed into subway stations to begin collecting funds to support the evacuees ..


God this is depressing .
now they’re informing how to cover yourself when you have to go outdoors
in the area effected by Nuclear leak ..
in between TV programs just like they use to place commercial advertisements .

now that radiation although miniscule have hit the Capital of Tokyo
TV announcers tried desperately with all sorts of illustrations how low the levels are in comparison to what one goes through at the hospital and while traveling on the plane
skipping the evident fact this exposure is more-over constant .

but all agree that you have to get far away as you can from the Plant geographically
AND pray the winds don’t start blowing in-land towards more populated cities including Tokyo -_-

while the first 2 deaths are occurring once at evacuation centers – taking toll on tired elders,
collected record at the end of the day on numbers at evacuation centers totalled still an unbelieveable 340,000 people .

*one worrysome postmail sent to a TV station from a child of a parent who works at the Nuclear Power Plant
implying they were thrust upon “to be ready” (for the worst) in a tone they would have to sacrifice their lives
( historical Japamese command “kakugo-seyo” from the days of samurai Shogun was repeated on the final days of the bloody island of iwo-jima )
to the tune of those Kamikaze suicide pilots who vainly tried to save what was left of WWII on the Pacific Theatre ..



3.17 Thursday – is there any end to this ? geez What’s NEXT ?
seismic activity seems to be increasing around Shizuoka-ken which is right about Mount Fuji, a sleeping volcano AND the long-time symbol of Japan in traditional art as well as modern travel posters .

the self-defence military is sending helicopters to drop bucket loads of water onto the heating Plant
but is a on-and-off situation for they are holding off when measured radiation levels are high
so eventually this could come as another try of Kamikaze suicide missions ..

where the heck is Ultra-man AND all the Sci-Fi Heroes ?

observing American media airing US government, Nuclear specialists AND advisors
urging for more drastic action accepting the situation is much more grave than announced,
Japanese head slashes out “this is Japanese problem” on their own TV broadcast ..

several countries including Europe and China are urging nearby citizens to leave the country
and the US is rendering evacuation to military dependents as well .
and the airport is lined up with foreigners willing to get out //



3.18 Friday : validity of events unfolding in Japan on the aftermath of an EarthQuake, Tsunami AND possible Nuclear fall-out on my BLog
is more of a neutral ground between all that is happening within the say, 6 hours
for I am very familiar with the psyc going on through actual living AND regular trips to which is now cancelled or delayed
still getting updates from friends in Tokyo also but even rumbles continuing in further Osaka -_-
plus multi-lingually watching live updates in Japan as well as States-side coverage .

I mention this because today was media-clash in itself with American press bashing
the validity AND urging transparent reports from the Japanese government AND Electric Company
while the Japanese authorities NOT being able to neglect these accusations
denying all and as steady from Day-1 deeming in control of all .


one cannot help but get flashbacks of WWII Pacific Theatre movies with the Nuclear AND Crown Emperor’s announcement
NOT to mention the obviously Kamikaze-minded suicidal 50 or so left on the Plant site plus the helicopter pilots AND water-hose truck drivers .
more-so is the snob-and-unwilling attitude of the military yesterday afternoon on Press conference
where they were asked on procedures of helicopter runs over the air to dump water
in tune with ground police thrusting demonstration-intended water hoses to cool the heating Power Plants .

even the top brass simply answered “.. that is what I know” repeatedly to continuing Press corps inquiries
hinting these may still be the erroneously bold people who started deadly war campaigns to conquer the resources around the Pacific Rim .

so there still are mighty scary people behind all the Toyotas AND Sonys .
just hope the modern Japanese citizens along with international expatriates who love them AND their culture so much
do NOT have to pay their lives for them //


although electricity in back-up power has been established in one or two Plants out of six
at day’s end : you grasp Japan may NOT have any choices left than suicide missions to bombard & cover-up the rumble with concrete
as more state-run AND major TV stations are broadcasting humbled refugee status
when they should be airing imminent missions to stop the lurking danger of meltdown ..



3.19 Saturday : nice illustration of the current state of each reactors at Fukushima Daiichi Nucear Power Plant
– right side faces North –

this is Hiroshima AND Nagasaki all over again with radiation precautionary measure education programs running amid Japanese TV programs
with national broadcast AND news NOT sufficiently airing current showering battle to pour water onto the damaged plants
hinting this is NOT effective OR they may be strategizing the next alternative including the inevitable final solution of burying it all .

Afternoon Update :
[ Water-Pumping Onto Reactors 1, 3 and 4 ] all-the-while, WoW : the things human brain is capable of devising in desperate times .
( so this was the vacancy above I complained was for – a fresh new mechanical strategy )

automatic water-canon trucks capable to shower targets up to 22 meter heights are being used aiming at Reactor 3
with a large-battery ‘Super Pump Truck’ support in the rear with 300 meter hose to gush out 3 tons of water in an hour .
and once place by the driver
it will be left alone to spray-on 7 hours continuously WITHOUT any human operater in the vicinity !

Thank God post-Millennium Japan does NOT have to resort to Kamikaze pilots OR truck drivers
who are taking turns to work in rotation
( except the brave-50 operators left inside Power Plant who certainly are exposed by now )
still, matter is nobody knows how much water is actually being poured in (for evaporation from heat or leakage possibilities)
until they measure temperature lowering ..

add to this an incredible machine used in Chernobyl, is now being hovered onto the site, resembling a tall medieval siege weapons used to demolish defending castles which acts as a huge crane with a long hose on a 20 meter folding arm to thrust water down – this is better than water-canons OR helicopters for the target can be pin-pointed . just short of exclaiming the Otaku-cultured Japanese have done it .. this is made in Germany originally intended to pour raw concrete onto high structures .when this starts going into action you will see a working St.Louis Arch on the dire site possibly on Reactor 4 .

[ On with-standing Reactor 2 ] attempts to reconnect electricity since the building is intact thus cannot pour water onto to cool .

[ Reactor 5 and 6 ] power has been restored with cooling reinstated for Reactor 5 AND a second cooling assisting on Reactor 6 .


and now come warnings on foods produced around the effected area .
announcement this afternoon that milk and spinach produced in ibaraki – much South of contained Plant – measured yesterday afternoon radiation over the safety limits .
scary BUT this is a precautionary measure so drinking it for a month still won’t kill you .



[3.20 Sunday] Hope on Giant Pumping Machines

after over-night pumping of water several improvements seen .
electricity to Reactors 1 AND 2 has been recovered by linking cables .
and after attempts of pouring sea water amounting to 2000 tons radiations levels are decreasing .
and contemplating to insert water onto Reactor 4 from this morning .

two repetitive water-pouring methods above may be working as I will introduce the trucks in a new Post .
a couple of the workers came back for a Press conference after work AND radioation check but says they were all right ..
despite being IN direct vicinity of the damaged Plants ?

although they managed to link electricity to Reactors 1, 2, 4 AND the separate 5 AND 6 stabilized
with man-less automated water-canon trucks pumping sea water for 2 nights onto Reactor 3 since this Posting
( although none announced BUT some workers would have been exposed to radiation in the heroic process )
and Updated as on my initial Sendai EarthQuake AND Tsunami Post linked above ..

with light of Hope today evidently possible from the brave heralded Fukushima-50 left behind AT the Reactor site
as well as from automated spraying of water into heating Reactor
man-less robots’ need in such crisis may be a crucial factor in the future
of which field Japan has long been researching .


as a successful result Reactor 3 was getting better with radiation levels decreasing this morning BUT is rising again over noon .
might be a leak, still . therefore : they are about to release radioactive gas formed within to keep it from exploding yes, they HAVE to do this ..
coming to the point of this Post, as the air will bring released particles to surrounding regions .

although the amount will be much less of a full-blown explosion
– pray the wind keeps its course further onto the Pacific Ocean –

after which they may try more drastic tactics

however late afternoon : they have considered releasing amounted gas on Reactor 3 as noted above, BUT is holding it for “situation seems stable”
– by “They” I mean the responsible person in charge of the organization in control of that specific situation, in this case spokesperson for Tokyo Electric Power Company .


while more bodies are found in the search town-by-town
one town just across Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant : Futabamachi .
because of its obvious inhabitable locale the whole evacuated residents of roughly 4000 people where relocated to Saitama a suburb of Tokyo .

more of this relocation by the thousands of a whole town onto another will be coming
and is a hard sight for most in the rather cold North-Eastern outskirts of Japan (freezing more North-East onto Hokkaido island) are elders who have lived there most of their lives .. many in tears

on a still grim level radiation has been detected on Tokyo tap water yesterday
of which has already happened around Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant immediately following explosion .
and an aftershock amounting to 5.7 reported in the vicinity .



[3.21 Monday] although most of the Reactors were stabilizing
news of grey smoke from the problematic Reactor 3 possibly from explosion mid-afternoon .

they have been holding out on the part-American proposed solution of burying all in concrete as in Chernobyl
for the sheer weight of fall might render more damage to the Plants .

none-the-less are accepting that the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant will be closed here-after
even the less-damaged AND now-recovered Reactors 5 & 6 in concern for the local community .
( the six Reactors form the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant )

after all is done, there will be the lasting problem of radiation flowed into the sea ..


[3.22 Tuesday] Weather
while randomly snowing on the effected site in Fukushima
wind is turing in-land from South-bound to South-West directly onto the Capital of Tokyo
and once in Tokyo it is raining -_- and to continue for a few days .

radiation level rising in Reactor 3 while white smoke said to be steam rising from Reactor 2
where although electricity HAS been restored the water cooling system is NOT working yet .


although the situation seem to be stabilizing from immediate danger,
M6.3 earthquake occured today 4:19pm off the shores of Fukushima and felt M4 in the Capital of Tokyo .
and rescue workers sent from abroad are being recalled including the States, UK, Australia, NZ, Russia and South Korea for concerns of radiation .

as the day closes good news that power is in ALL 6 Plants . Amen .


[3.23 Wednesday] Tainted Water AND Food
Plant temperatures has lowered from continuous pouring of water and those that splashed back onto the sea is spreading radiation .
and much increase amount of radiation is found in surrounding waters .

after radiation dose over acceptable quantities found among spinach AND tap water in the immediate affected regions of Fukushima-ken, ibaraki-ken, Kuma-ken AND Dochigi-ken (the whole Japan is divided into ‘Ken’ geographically)
increased radion is observed in surrounding Niigata-ken, Saitama-ken, Chiba-ken, Yamanashi-ken, Kanagawa-ken AND Tokyo-ken ..
many regions sound familiar in this second group because they are the satellite residence of moderate-income workers who commute to the Capital of Tokyo with an hour’s access by train or subway .

sadly the days are over when one of the joys of visiting Tokyo was to go at 5 am dawn onto Tsukiji Fish Market – just before crossing over to the artificial Wonder island of Odaiba – where you can lust on ‘Today’s Morning Special’ Sushi Set of freshest Raw Fish just caught .


[3.24 Thursday] Danger still Lurks on
radiation fuel contained in Reactor 1 is heating up and is currently the most problematic than Reators 2 OR 3 .
temperature yesterday passed above 400C Celcius and is maintained by influx of sea water BUT pressure is mounting THUS may have to release steam . again, this will release radiation particles into the air .

while radiation in surrounding tap water has been extended to Saitama-ken, adding to Fukushima, ibaraki-ken AND Tokyo-to,
over the acceptable dose for babies at 100 Bq/1kg.

some major newspapers in cordination with Japan Nuclear Safety Group calculates the danger zone instigated by the government or Tokyo Electric Power Company is unrealistic in that weather as well as human AND material movement does NOT extend in a necessarily circular boundary, thus now larger areas should be alerted even 50km North-West AND South-West direction rather than the currently imposed 30km circumpherance around Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant .

iAEA international Atomic Enery Agency has announced that out of 18 workers at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
one has shown levels that can increase cancer risk 100 mSv – accumulation equivalent to what he/she would be exposed while working in the plant for 10 years.

situation stabiling at the price of more news of casualty . of the 3 workers at Reactor 3, 2 have been transfer to a hospital from outer injuries . they were re-connecting electric cable with legs in water and reports of 170 mSv the highest so far .



[3.25 Friday] in short : “containing immediate catastophy BUT long-term effect inevitable”
exact problem is hard pin-point for reports both Official AND major (Japanese, Korean AND American) media is confusing on this
but radiation injuries inflicted on workers implies /serious/ leakage in the fuel rod OR storage area
and may already have begun OR will result in melt-down .

(evening update) OK I got it : they found unusual radiation amounts in Reactor 3 Turbine Room underground floor . this could have resulted from salt that has accumulated onto the rods after seawater evaporated . you know they have been splashing in enormous amount of seawater as an emergency measure directly from nearby ocean – in desperation – thus now in a relatively more controled situation, they have instead opted to bring water from a dam . but other Reactors 1 and 2 might be in similar case ..

to support this “cleaner” pumping two American barges containing 2,000,000 liters of fresh water left Tokyo bay .


while ‘advising’ civilians within 20~30km diameter of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant to evacuate,
as vague the announcement is, households still around the effected area are having problems surviving from lack of daily amenities including food AND water for transportation personnel are reluctant to go into the area .


following is Japanese Prime Minister Kan’s Press Conference announcement roughly translated :

current situation “.. is containing the worst situation BUT we are NOT safe yet .. and expecting aid from the American Military”
action “.. are monitoring radiation effect on food and water with regional authorities and will reveal as it is received”
future plans “.. will soon building temporary housing and eventually will recouperate AND improve living in housing, medical AND education AND producing activities in fishing, farming AND industry.”



[March 31st Thursday] where the Atom has the last joke on us beings in time for April Fools Day -_-

OK stack up for the long- haul folks . Japan cannot solve this problem on its own and is seeking international aid .
but before that we have to FIND the problem for they don’t know what is cracked how much AND if melt-down is already occurring
lest we can send in an ill-fated Kamikaze team OR intelligent robot ..

one positive fact is that electricity has been recovered in the Main Control Room of ALL Plants (although I still have to check whether Fukushima has ‘MCR’ on each Reactor OR 1 for each 2 of which a total of 6 Reactors consist Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant – “Daiichi stands for First, thus Daini meaning Second site laying a bit to the South).
NOT to say all cooling fuctions are operating, still : meaning they can deduct the source AND monitor current states although NOT being able to pin-point without human visual verification .


so think 3 years, to actually fix this problem AND then 30 years for the uninvited effect to linger on .
I do NOT think it fair to update this Post anymore because as everyone knows it is going to be a long battle OR compromise would be a more fitting word
there is bound to be planning centers in all regions mentioned on this Post’s topic with precise updates AND action .

then again, as air blow, water currents change and people and their products fly around the World in a day
so this is going to effect how half the World lives from now on .
imminent catastrophy will be contained with international help for this is their live-case scenario which could very well happen in their country too .
but everybody will learn to live differently .
so ideally Apple iPad 3 would have a radiation detector oops NOT to make it sound so scary um, measurement capability -_-

Japan located off-shore cliding-inter-continental-plates knew there was going to be a /big/ one coming but make-believe NOT in our life-time .
still personally I don’t think this was the BIG one for the highest wave was 4-stories high at immediate earthquake coastal buildings .


[ April Fools Day Friday – Thank God it ain’t the 13th ] of Machines AND Suicide
as international consultancy along with actual help commences into Japan to contain the leaking Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant,
miniature robot roamers as the ones appearing on last year’s Academy Awards Oscar winner movie ‘Hurt Locker’.
I presume these remote-controlled machines as part of US Nuclear Response Team can SEE (which current situation forbids for danger of high-radiation) AND extract samples of surrounding air AND soil BUT may NOT be able to actually fix and repair conplicated tasks .

furthermore, giant water AND cement pumps are being sent from the States AND France to eventually dump the whole site with concrete
– a surer option that dumping from the air as in Chernobyl for the weight can do more damage to crack leaks BUT dangerous for human controllers to approach .

following my Post of March 16th where a child of a worker remaining IN the doomed Reactor asked for compassion to know that their parent/s were told to ‘be ready’ (in Japanese .. of upcoming death) a mother of a 32 year-old worker part of the 300 working in shifts of 50 to control the Reactors made an anonymous inverview with US press media – oh no, NOT Japanese press . she told that her son said all the workers currently inside the Plant know they will die some in weeks and some months ..


announcing Nature ever-still has a hold on us : M5.1 earthquake hit Akita-ken 2 hours ago AND also today M3 in Aomori-ken both immediately North of Miyagi-ken (main city : Sendai). ‘ken’ is how Japan is geographically divided into prefectures .


[ April 2nd Saturday ] radiation leaking into the ocean ever since March 11th for three weeks ..
for a short-spanned generation surfing on broadband speed the still uncontained spread of radiation leak is frustrating
that you now click on “Britney Sued for 10 Million” news before onto latest updates from Fukushima ..

OK when something leaks there is 1.the Source, 2.the route then 3.the leaked material
and all this time they were only aware of 3.above : a great amount of radiation leak into the ocean
and only today probably with the help of intelligent robots now have found a 8 inch crack in the concrete which is 2.the route
but still have to find the source for without it simply trying to cover the crack may very well re-route leakage to other passage OR even over-flow .

at last count March 30th radiation on Fukushima Plant oceanfront was 3,000 times the normal level .


and because the government is immediately concerned with this disastrous assignment the remaining residents AND evacuated are much in loss AND frustrated . lot of old fishermen AND farmers in the area divastated for virtually any future sales has lost hope for fear of radiation .

and as sea water recedes from tsunami-effected area a massive operation is under way to find the dead as possible survivors comprised of 100 helicopters 65 ships 25000 personnel .

as some land-structures has been washed out to sea, among which rescue helicopter spotted a dog on top of a floating roof
though when it lowered a rescue worker the dog fled into the remaining house still underneath .
the helicopter ran out of fuel had to return but a relayed ship near by came to rescue the dog in a few hours, safe wouf wouf !



[ April 4th Monday ] Soft Cover-Up AND Suction Amarda ?
as radiation contamiated water continuously leak onto the ocean an unexpected manner of operation is to be contemplated by the Japanese government :
cover the damaged nuclear power plant buildings with a special fabric AND retrieve contaminated water with tanker ships ..

all the while a M7.1 earthquake hit off indonesia shores today with tsunami alert soon after retrieved .


[ April 5th Tuesday ] something very scary is happening today .
I mean the earthquake AND tsunami all nature’s calling, but this time man intentionally, although seemingly without choice is going to dump TONS of radioactive water onto surrounding seas .

TEPCO Tokyo Electric Power Company with the approval of the Japanese government will pour almost 11,500 tons of contaminated water to make room to store for more highly contaminated water .

to dissipate radiation flowing as a result of this pouring .. to an extent, it seems Russia is sending their “floating Radiation Treatment Plant” Suzuran used to neutralize decomissioned nuclear submarines ported at Vladisvostok North of Japan .

efforts to contain the crack mentioned earlier with concrete, sawdust, newpaper .. have failed .



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( March 14th Wednesday 2012 Update ) Recurring EarthQuakes and Tsunami ..

another earthquake of 6.8 Magnitude struck today 10 km deep, further NorthEast of the original earthquake now a year past . a tsunami warning was cast only to be cancelled after only a low tide hit the shores of Aomori .

it was a grim year for Japan and its industry with more somber news and conspiracy theories . TEPCO Tokyo Electric Power Company had to somehow manage freezing Winter sea-water . and the Japanese government is draining efforts to re-stabilize the effected Sendai area, which had it not been for the disaster would be forgotten and barren as it has more so been, in a chilly region not as extreme as Northern Hokaido yet the elders remain to make living in their old way .


( August 8th 2013 Update ) as if to accentuate how scary Nuclear Power is : over TWO years from this disaster, measures are being instigated to reduce – mind-you NOT stop – radiation flowing into the sea ..