One aspect of traveling Post-Millennium is that you have to carry a range of electric connectors, to charge all your mobile apparatus . and this becomes quite bulky is you live and work in a country using 220/240V.electric current, whose outlet plugs are considerably larger than their 100/110V.counterparts . more-so if you have to carry several, and USB plugs on top of that . even in an age where most new consumer automobiles have USB ports built-in on the dash-board, local multi-electric plugs do not have such amenity . good news is that in neighboring Japan : several makers are selling ultra-compact adaptors that house USB slots in the already-slim design, so that you won’t have to carry separate USB adaptors for iPhones and smart-phones .
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both accepts a range of 100 ~ 240 voltage, so users can simply use their different electric plug-tip on this . and the latter has a 1.2 Micro-USB cord to be used as a stand-alone USB plug . ofcourse these can be found at larger electronics discount stores such as Big Camera and Yodobashi Camera, but they are so implanted in local culture now, that they are available also at any convenient stores and even at subway stations and airports .


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