the need to show yourself as clean to others, as well as the importance of mobile devices in the i.T. Age : Koreans are obsessed with protecing the most fragile of electronic parts – the LCD screen . incredible it isn’t uncommon to find materials used for jet planes showing advertisements hammering and trying-to-cut on its surface 0o0
[폰트리]힐링쉴드 갤럭시S4/LTE-A 마이티 고강도 슬림 강화유리(0.2TR) healingshield_mt01 [폰트리]힐링쉴드 갤럭시S4/LTE-A 마이티 고강도 슬림 강화유리(0.2TR) healingshield_mt02a [폰트리]힐링쉴드 갤럭시S4/LTE-A 마이티 고강도 슬림 강화유리(0.2TR) healingshield_mt02-13
Official website and On-Line store :

– protection for the delicate and weakling, Korea Tech BLog –


( October 28 Tuesday Update ) D-4 iPhone 6 and Plus in South Korea : your usual soft-bending LCD protective screen films are quite easy to apply, plus flexible enough for you to tape-out dust after you’ve attached them . but the harder, non-bending type can be quite hard (so they cover-up remaining dust for the rest of its life, than give you chances to re-do) so you may want to use the applying service, which is only FREE if you buy Off-Line at one of their brick-and-mortar stores throughout the Peninsula . which means : even if you buy at their extensive On-Line store or else-where, you have to pay extra

  • W2000 for iPhones, cell phones, camera and navigation
  • W3000 for iPads and tablets
  • W4000 for notebooks or laptops up to 15″ (cost goes up for larger screens)


and to top-it-off : they will make and apply their protection shields to other what-ever size device you have . you have to eMail them first, then visit their head-quarters at ShinGilDong, an old humble neighborhood in Western SEOUL just across the Han River, where they also have applying service for all their products – besides, this is the only place they will guarantee in-stock of all their models .

SEOUL Subway Lines 1 and 5 ShinGil Station Exit 1 and walk straight until  Paris Baguette Bakery, turn Right and is the third building after ‘Oil Bank’ gas station at Left .