come Spring dust particles form above China and Mongolia to be blown towards the Korean Penninsula resulting in “HwangSa” Phonomenon of Yellow Dust . many names in English among Yellow Sand and Asian Dust . it really is not correct to call it Yellow SandStorm for the winds are not as nearly harsh as the scene from Planet Tatooine in the movie Star Wars Episode I nor actual Santa Ana Winds in L.A.

the whole city turns foggy is what it is . but those with alergy is bound to suffer most . and locals try to stay inside if possible . if you do have to stay out wear a mask available at any corner drugstore in Korea . ofcourse the Japanese have more state-of-the-art ones that neatly engulf your nose 😉

previewed to clear nearing noon tomorrow . check out Yellow Dust status in your area on updates from Korea Meteorological Administration and explainations from the U. S. Army .


this is why electronic makers introduce their new Air Purifiers early in the year . for Koreans have too long neglected alergic effects as well as hiring shrinks in the course of modern life .

if you are out to buy an air purifier I suggest you hold on from buying the W200,000+ Bonaire models at CostCo Korea . for current Japanese and Korean models are quieter and will stay that way longer, with more electronic capabilities for allergies . these machines have one big moving part inside which means you should opt for a maker with convenient product support . although a few independent Korean makers such as Winia Mando, Hanil, ChunPoong,  Shinil have been producing this with good results still it is better to buy from a larger company for again : support with no worry on getting inner filters many years form now . all this in mind, buy one the LG‘s new models introduced last month . a tad expensive with W300,000 and up depending on the size of the intened room, it will be well worth your Won for comfort back home .