all sorts of pocket connection devices as well as network modems for office and home do come with manuals but they are often in detail and you seldom can find them when you need
so a few universal meaning for the color signals :


[ NetWork Routers for Office or Home ]

office or home computer modem connected to an iSP internet Service Provider :

  • Red = NO connection
  • Yellow = weak connection
  • Green = connected


[ Mobile Connection Devices including Egg ]

where-as portable devices have to squeeze on space so the number of light signals are reduced and each light may double its meaning depending whether it is on ‘charge’ mode at office or home or ‘use’ out-doors .

mobile device – when connected to an electric plug :

  • Red = battery charging
  • Yellow = mid-charged
  • Green = fully charged

mobile device when carrying :

  • Red = booting up OR no connection
  • Yellow = low connection
  • Green = good connection


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