And God created man-kind in its own image .. like um Steve Jobs but took him back – in fear of his corporated entity building another Tower of Babel, to dare contemplate to reach for the Heavens
Yes early witness videos abound on YouTube and wish-fully enhanced specifications leak over Apple fan-sites, as another new electronics product : first generation Apple gadgets have their faults NOT to say they aren’t worth buying for now, as one year is a long period to wait in the Third Millennium .


  1. its plastic, leather AND metallic bands are prone to quite easy damage on normal wear, despite initial notice and ads of being made of the latest materials : plastic bands smudge and cannot be washed-off as implied from sales clerks while initial try-on, leathers crack again despite novel product explaination and metallics do scratch on first-day’s use – silver and black alike where scrubbing-off is NOT the solution
  2. Oh Jesus : flimsy battery last a day and a half on stand-by, and barely a working-day in constant use -_-
  3. ALL function beginning with its identity and warranty exist when paired with and iPhone 5 or later models upgraded to iOS 8 and later . so in this sense : Apple Watch is an access-limited mini notification panel, instead of a full-fledged mobile device .


  1. it is NOT even funny any-more : how popular models are hard to get – even in first-tier countries where it was release a good two Months ago .
  2. it was and still is common to find popular models of iPhones, iPads and now Apple Watches on SALE at modern shopping malls – NOT to mention back-alley dealers – at a good $200 added-premium on top of its Official Retail price ! on eBay as well as one-large-country-gone-very-wrong : China including its Hawaii-wanna-be island of Hong Kong .


[ MAY NOT BE WORTH IT – IN COUNTRIES WITH NO OFFICIAL APPLE STORE ] including South Korea – the home-base of a couple of Apple’s major competing electronics companies :

  1. cannot apply Apple Care Plus – which extends a year Warranty AND insures to exchange the device twice with additional fee .
  2. some basic apps like Google Maps from the days of iPhone, are not developed nor updated for use in some countries (in South Korea : Daum and Naver maps rule, although still much room for enhancement)
  3. many of Apple Watch’s prime apps that is supposed to make it worth-while : is non-existent or cannot be used, like Apple-Pay .



That all-said, one cannot but love Apple’s first Watch . at this point in technology : they had to choose between making it full-fledged and becoming quite large like hanging an old alarm clock on your wrist, or make it the size of a classy watch while sharing resource from your iPhone . earlier SamSung and LG Electronics chose the former and wound-up with a bulky stone-hedge device, while Apple accepted the latter and remained sleek and glorious . ofcourse in the home-base of Korean electronics conglomerates : propaganda media dare hail to compare the two extremes, but deep-down we and they all know .


( July 6 Monday Update ) a shocking news arise mere ten days after Apple Watch is released onto the Peninsula . a horror stories are spreading throughout local On-Line communities that a couple of their members dropped it and broke the surface glass, and had to pay more than half its Official Retail Price to have it (parts or device) exchanged ! this could NOT happen if you bought Apple Care Plus on countries with Official Apple Stores, which South Korea does NOT .

a peak into Apple Korea’s exchange price on compromised Apple Watches : they will charge W346,000 on aluminum models – about 72% of a new watch and W477,000 for stainless steel models – which is a tad less at bout 60% . don’t matter between 38mm and 42mm sizes .


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