from the long-time foreign residence of HanNamDong on the Southern slopes of NamSan (South Mountain), you cross the miraculous Han River (Han Kang) South to reach the posh KangNam (South of the River), where a real-estate boom over the 80’s gave birth to the nouveau-riche – a Golden-Goose Wonder since the grim Korean War .

then further East lies ApGuJeong, shopping mecca for KangNam residents lined with European designer brand-name boutique houses . and a large block South lies import-motor strip of ChungDamDong : you pass the Maserati and Ferrari Dealer and just before the Jaguar Dealer stands CGV Cine City – more considered an elegant “cine-salon”, ready with valet-parking :

no need to ponder where to have lunch or dinner before viewing, in an area already dotted with haute-cuisine Korean style, for on the lower floors a couple of fusion Korean snacks (quite small to be called restaurant booths) and Korea’s own steak house chain in VIPs awaiting on the second floor .

and ofcourse as CGV has one of the best-working smart-phone app, with your reservation saved in your cell phone : you simply go straight-up to the 4DX theatre on top, ready with a single popcorn stand, but first-timers might drop on the way at the 8th floor ticketing lounge :

as apt for its sophisticated neighborhood, everyone is dressed-up for a date and although peaking-high amongst designer boutiques and import-automobile dealership, this is no wide theatre-caliber building . for each of its narrow floors are specially-decorated viewing “rooms” than halls . imagine a compact branch of Universal Studios built into the Ritz-Carlton (also, near-by in KangNam)

familiar yes ? from the memorable Star Trek Experience at Las Vegas Hilton (convention is my name and Vegas is my idoL), to Universal Studios ..
yes, this specific theatre is home to the original CGV SweetBox Couple Seats Hall (where other theatres merely have a single row way~ back in rear) AND this 4DX system where at the tip of each arm-rest is the shower-option button, where you can select none, flimsy spray or full splash if you’ve come prepared wearing a rain-coat 0o0


So, Are You Ready to Save the World with Us ?

[Q] Wait ! What-da-heck is 4DX ? You Mean the Fourth Dimension ?!
[A] Negative-Vibe Version : mere marketing ploy from local movie theatre or chains, since most are NOT originally filmed NOR produced as such in Hollywood (still selective few endorsed), but added on-site usually at developed nations in the Orient and South-East Asia .

[A] Positive-Wonder Version : and a mighty scary one at that, for it adds all special effects possible at a most modest price, short of being in an actual flight simulator //

(The Meaning) it can be translated 2 ways : such as +Alpha addition to the more-common three-dimension, or the addition of 4 Senses in :

  • fan-blown wind (from puff to full-impact),
  • smell / odor / fragrance (quite subtle though),
  • water spray (not NOT splash, yet)
  • chair seat movement (massage nods to outrageous crash-simulator)

mind-you this version I review is 3D + 4DX + Surround-Sound, with the only omission of iMAX, found not that critical in 3D, for the whole effort is to bring things closer ..


[Q] So is 4D the Same as 4DX ?

[A] it is like pointing up to the sky and asking “is that Cloud the same as that Cloud ?”
there is no set motion picture standard named 4D and even a loose one in 3D, and 4DX happens to be one fixed by CGV Korea onto this version of The Avengers . so the correct answer would be : both should be considered the same .



if you are a Marvel Comics fan of Super-Heroe fame, comme-moi, it is only logical (ditto Mr.Spock from another Universe and Time) you watch this movie in as much simulation-if-not-reality as possible . and we are much fortunate to be able to live in a time and a land where this is possible (with the REAL threat from Northern rockets adding tension) in Jesus :(combining ALL following versions of The Avengers from CGV Korea, each-kind viewable separately if desired)

  • Digital
  • 3D with glasses
  • 4DX with wind, smell, water spray and moving seats
  • Surround-Sound


[ Lights ]
there are two large sets of flash-lights above on the front sides of the screen that go off at certain scenes .

[ Surround-Sound ]
this is subtle compared-to, and missed the most for the more over-whelming 3D and almost-constant seat movement .

[ 3-D ]
yes the final Chitauri invasion fleet boa-chasing scene is immense, but as a soft-core person whose favourite 3-D moment from the Titanic was when Rose was hanging out of the rear of the ship .. my favourite 3-D moment in This Avengers is when Black Widow points the gun straight at YOU // Oh Please, Shoot Me -_-


[ The Chair – Seats ]
early-on you realize the chairs are massage-chairs converted into motion, with vibrating rods from the back of your waist as well as from bottom of your thighs .

well, it starts-off as a massage chair .. like knock-knock, then in battle scenes : the whole seat moves in-all-directions quite much, comparable to Universal Studios . how much ? bordering on the need for seat belts . no-kidding folks : they warn you at the on-set of the movie that children, elders and disabled, can exchange to normal seatings .. and they aren’t kidding 0o0

so-much-so that after the movie : you would want to relax your shaken-body a bit, at one of coffee shop branches on all sides from the theatres, still open even when the movie ends in the wee hours of the night . there-after you would get a good night’s sleep for the bed is now found so solemn, compared to the rough body-handling at the movie theatre .

might be a good preview of the shifting-chairs to try’em at the Panasonic showroom near-by : exit the theatre and turn Left at the larger alley after the narrower one, dubbed “Rodeo GeoRi” (Rodeo Street) leading to the department store for the rich : Galleria Department Store divided into twin buildings either side of the road . Panasonic is on the Right, while Canon showroom Left – to see the long~ fat lens 😉

Panasonic massage chairs are expensive than their local Korean counter-parts, but a pleasant break when shopping in larger department stores in neighboring Japan where they are always lined-up at home electronics corners .

this Panasonic showroom also has rodeo-ride simulators so you can blow off steam buckling cow and ofcourse their full line of digital cameras and accessories .

[ Smell – Fragrance ]
this again, is subtle for a mechanic-shop odor is present throughout the movie, but can be merely grease from the moving parts of the chairs -_-


[ Wind – Fan ]
there are two kinds of wind simulation present :

  1. weak, short bursts like a dust blower from the back of your neck on the chair,
  2. and a full-front fan blow when a hero or plane is flying,


[ Vibration – Motion ]
you will be most sensitive to this direct touch throughout the movie . and all-along you know it would have been much better if it had been programmed in Hollywood, which the Titanic had a “OK, Go-Ahead” for your body consciously wonders if the motion was intended for you, as the hero character OR by-stander at the scene ..

and it is the former, for geez~ comically : mid-way into the movie, when agent Coulson gets stabbed from the back, you get a weak nod push on your back oh, how lame -_- so I’m Dead ?

thus I feel the hand-battle scenes best left with no simulation, for it is only confusing because you KNOW you are not in direct combat ughhh while simulation during earthly and flight movement can be mighty realistic as on-site participants .



[ Over-All 4DX Experience ]

while Korea Tech PiLoT’s best-felt simulation was when iron Man was flying alone .
– just the right and mixed chemistry of every effect : in wind blown as well as vibration and directional movement, all the while among ethereal sound whizzing through the whole space around you – Oh, That was Good !

and the most-impressive moment of all senses, although gradual : is when covert SHIELD agency’s mobile HQ AirCraft carrier roars onto the clouds to become a true HeliCarrier 0o0
but sorry : NO actual water-splashes from the Sea -_-

.. all urging-up to the ultimate desire that you direly want SpiderMan, BatMan and SuperMan, oh-heck : StarShip Troopers in here too //

then ofcourse the ending climax battle bonanza to save Manhattan and eventually the whole of Earth, from the mech.invaders gushing down out of the sky-portal continues with an incomprehensible mix of all, what-ever effects the theatre has to spurn onto you through the courageous movie, phew~

but because this version of the movie has so much packed-into for realistic special effects Wonder, the um human conversations between heroes which, other-wise would be much meaningful for each has their righteous stories, end-up boring -_- only to wait in anticipation for the next Bang~ or rather, shift of the chair, which quite often come suddenly in impact //



and ofcourse after the end of the movie when exiting, as you were figuring your way out in the /older/ mammoth shopping complex of YongSan KTX Station and iPark Mall, after viewing Titanic 3D : you now find yourself descending Stark Tower alike, in this futuristic Cine City of Korean CGV’s

then a few days after release, supposedly TS but actually an acceptable CAM version out by egg group but um, in 2D and mono ?
and the next-day : Mirror Mirror of Snow White fame ! but again I yearn for The HuntsMan Versionne

then ofcourse, you know you should watch such romantic of fairy tales in either Sweet Box, Gold Class or Euro Class Special CGV Theatres yes ?
– Tune in then onto Korea Tech BLog again ~



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and now that we’ve saved the World, perhaps to bump into each other some, day
– a unique simulation-ride with Korea Tech BLog, end of April 2012