before you ponder where you’re gonna line-up for the NEW iPad 3, better save your SweetBox couples’ seats at either WangShibRi or YongSan CGV in the Capital of Seoul . for although it’s way~ back in the rear, you can take-in the “big” picture of how they all got together 😉

and what-da-ya-know .. just after the NEW iPad 3 was introduced a total of 7 viewing options for The Avengers at CGV :
( geographical locations always from West and clock-wise on the Korean Peninsula, aside from the Capital of Seoul )

  • Normal
  • Digital
  • 3D
  • iMAX 3D only at SangAm/YongSan/WangShibRi in Seoul,
    inCheon, iLSan, SuWon, DaeJeon, KwangJu Terminal, DaeGu, SeoMyun(Busan),
  • 3D Surround-Sound only at YoungDeungPo(Seoul)
  • 4DX 3D in Seoul : YoungDeungPo, YongSan, WangShibRi and KangByon (Techno-Mart)
    inCheon, ilSan, JookJeon, DaeJeon, KwangJu Terminal, DaeGu, Centum City(Busan)
  • 4DX, 3D, Surround-Sound and all the present you can ask Santa come Christmas 2012 ! but only at ChungDam Cine City aptly situated in along posh Ferrari and Maserati show rooms 😉

and SweetBox couples’ seats awaiting at rear rows of larger theatres above . ofcourse you know SweetBox ticket buyers have their own dedicated Waiting Room until the movie starts 0o0

the Official release date is April 26 Thursday but a couple of iMAX and Surround-Sound open the day before on April 25 Wednesday .



( April 22 Sunday Update ) as release day nears in South Korea, more viewing options – same variety, but a few more locations – are being available . I will try to update as possible, but best refer to the Official CGV Korea site, better on iPhone 😉

( April 24 Tuesday Update ) following applied above on top ~

  • movie theatres playing IMAX and 4DX increased,
  • addition to the 3D version :
    + incredible 4DX
    + Jesus, Surround-Sound
    but only in a SINGLE location in all of Korea ! and the most expensive at W21,000 a seat – center rows still available this Sunday 😉



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until we gather again to save the World for good,
– Korea Tech BLog, April 2012 –