iMAX is immense spectacle for Avengers movies, but you want more . at the price of smaller screen, but you loose perception of grand screen size when wearing 3-D glasses anyways : so have opted for 4DX on The Avengers at the posh Cine City CGV, then Noah last Week at the huge YongSan CGV . then you still want more, so this time CGV’s miraculous sound effect dubbed SoundX which only shows on CGV branch deep underneath iFC Mall on Yoido island .
you seldom have a chance to come here in Yoido, a small island in the middle of Han River : not downtown nor the chick KangNam i.e., in the middle of noowhere unless ofcourse you work here . it is one of the earliest settlements outside the old downtown as city boundaries expanded with the development of the whole nation . some popular buildings and restaurants were here at that time but now over-cast by newer districts throughout KangNam and re-development of the classic downtown area . the whole island is divided into five parts : the massive plaza where national ceremonies (formerly overtly military) are held, the national congress, television broadcast stations, business buildings and residential apartments .

first-off : floor guide to the whole iFC Mall in Yoido island, where CGV is located under-ground at the bottom basement linked here
and its Apple ReSeller visited on release day of iPhone 5S linked here


* * * * * SPOILER WARNING  * * * * *

[ THE STORY ] it is interesting to find an action-packed classic science fiction movie series conjured up in espionage deception – one that aging actor Robert Redford should feel right-at-home from his former Spy Games . which also means you expect some long dramatic conversation, in-between action scenes where multiple special effects come to play .

* * * * * SPOILER ALERT * * * * *

[ TIME TRAVEL ] here is not so much actual time travel as in the classic television series Time Tunnel, but the notion that

  1. the evil content and will of an evidently mortal brain has been embedded in electronic memory,
  2. to multiply and develop secretly under the veil of another but legit defense organization,
  3. then flash-bang decades later in the form of an all-out terrorist attack on metropolis .

it is intriguing to realize this in the middle of the movie : much like finding out your dependable all-in-one computer HAL has turned against its astronauts in another classic science fiction movie of all science fiction movies 2001 : A Space Odyssey .


[ 4DX SYSTEM COMPARISON BETWEEN THEATRES ] could be I am confused from all the effects going on but the 4DX system offered by CGV seem to have several versions : ofcourse with different layout of the hall and location of lights and speakers, but fore-most the moving chairs . as Cine City did have water ON/OFF options and massage rod on the back only, while YongSan did not have water option but instead a soft mist instead of spray . and Yoido here does have water selection AND massage rod under-neath your calves in addition to the back .

* * * * * DANGER ! DANGER ! WILL ROBINSON !  * * * * *

  • lights : about a dozen flashes on both sides of the hall ceiling sync effectively for realistic sight .
  • wind : around the same direction perhaps a bit lower than the side-ceiling lights, wide fan blow down onto you although not much of a hurricane . effective on sky-flying scenes including heli-carrier .
  • puff : of air also extrude quite often from three tiny holes behind your ears on the chair head-rest .
  • water : with an ON/OFF switch on your arm-rest, a small amount of water sprays right onto your face – just enough for you to feel, and not enough for you to wipe-off with a tissue though .
  • chair : rocks quite hard on hand-to-hand combat, to nausea on car-chasing scenes and gracefully around on heli-carrier hovering scenes .

on the whole : car-chasing scenes were most realistic on this movie which they had a lot ! and cannot pin-point the exact moment but SoundX system clearly seem to put this version of 4DX more realistic than others – normal 2D and 3D included – so far 😉


[ COOL AND THE GANG ] as warriors of the next generation : the new young action stars make this film a fast-paced joy-ride nomatter if they portray good or evil including Winter Soldier himself, flying Falcon and SHIELD’s counter-terror STRIKE team leaders woohah !



[ EPILOG ] Yoido CGV’s proud SoundX system added to 4DX certainly gave a semi-Universal Studio experience, and this shopping complex surrounded by haute business centres : lunch and dining after the movie was a pleasure among several choice of Western restaurants – a stark contrast to other larger mall complex where the whole place is studded with tiny restaurants and a much general crowd with a mix of kids, students, families, elders AND vendors all shouting through meals duh

– so perhaps I can tell you now that : actually Korea Tech BLog too has been compromised quite a while ago –


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