from early CAM versions, we now know that master Chinese main-land actor Wang XueQi (pass on pronunciation) and Chinese glamour actress Fan BingBing (what a name) cameo-ed in the Chinese release version of iron Man 3 : once himself in the beginning and middle, then both on the ending scenes at the hospital where Tony Stark finally has his chest reactor removed . obviously as part of Chinese production counterparts’ promotion in their own vast territory AND overt advertisement of a (Hol-y Jesus) milk product, for the price of distracting its sacred story-line, as precious movie-time is spent while Wang speaks on his cell phone in a high-rise building in TWO scenes – its unknown contents probably to open-up a whole new perspective in future iron Man installments . the motion picture as a money-making machine, versus an integral form of art . Ah, vain is inter-country motion picture politics .. for I would rather have her cast full as iron-Widow, as the sleek model version of BingBing in Li already cast in Resident Evil or Bio Hazard in the Orient .
Img335896656 Ly-Bang-Bang-doat-giai-Ngoi-sao-chau-A-cua-nam_1