here Captain America looks North-ward over BanPo Bridge toward the old downtown of the Capital, where SEOUL N Tower atop NamSan – South Mountain just up his fore-head, and our very own Korea Tech BLog Head-Quarters hidden by his right ear :
Some Sevit Floating island on the West-side of the Southern bank of BanPo Bridge – TAAUGAvlcsnap-00004cur600x250hu10sa10

– the NEW MBC MunHwa BroadCasting Station Building on Yoido island –

TAAUT3vlcsnap-00001lev800x332sa20SitkSB TAAOUExtTVvlcsnap-00005cur600x250hu-10
– World Cup Apartment Complex at Digital Media City and SuSaek Station on the National Railway Line –


and so the government blocked-off traffic on some of the most-conjested prime real-estate in the riche-areas of GangNam, as well as satellite complexes around the Capital of SEOUL during business hours for a total of 16 Days in the name of promotion value of City and Country .

( April 25 after-viewing Update ) and the falacy being : the whole shot sequence at largely four difference areas West of the Capital of SEOUL, is shown as a single area around Dr.Helen Cho’s laboratory .

– Korea Tech BLog –