SSD solid state drive maker since 2002 from San Jose : OCZ filed for bankruptcy yesterday after years of high-ride, then plagued with a few brick-prone models and recent accounting problems ..

OCZ SSD’s had been revered as a high-grade except a couple, and had sent joyful ripples to its followers with unprecedented SALES and upgrade (to a newer model) events . I especially liked their no-questions-asked exchange to another model with a couple more W10,000 in place of repair from local importers’ support centre (only ONE in YongSan Electronics Market though) – which gave you the chance to swiftly change as soon as an inferior model was repeatedly reported .


there-after Toshiba seems to be acquiring its assets, though probably NOT its remaining warranty responsibility .

its SSD drives are still selling in South Korea – along-side SamSung, intel, Toshiba and SanDisk – and its two Official importers Ask-Tech and Piesco had no knowledge or comment to general media concerning this OCZ bankruptcy, and is still accepting repairs or exchange under their warranty .

– Korea Tech BLog –