/ finally / as Korean character support is being finalized Apple iPad will be Officially begin to be distributed within November 2010 . four models will be sold by KT  .

other sources say Apple iPad will be taking early sign-up reservation from October 15th, just like the recent exodus of Apple iPhone 4 .

[prospectus] OK, so probably WiFi will be sold in conjuction with egg introduced earlier in my blog, leaving out WiFi AND 3G extremes of 16GB or 64GB .

sure you can use the one brought over from the States or Japan or even recently from Hong Kong or China . but the point is that with an electronic device that houses the fable LCD screen, especially if it is larger than your palm, you want to sure you have product support in case you break it smashing among any obstacles in Metropolis – concrete, yes ?

and it is NOT because purely you want to use Korean characters – a must if you want to make best buys in South Korea : On-Line ! because it was hacked-enabled a month ago by making use of Korean in place of UK keyboard option in ‘Settings’



[ October 12th update ]
according to electromagnetic testing application applied by Apple Korea there is a chance WiFi version of Apple iPad will be sold directly by Apple Korea and NOT through KT Korea Telecommunications as did Apple iPhone 4 last Month .

[ October 16th update ]
1. testing approved . finished,
2. possibility of KT and KTF rival SKT SK Telecommunications joining in on the sale,
3. and most of all Apple iPad price now previewed to be /lowest/ in da whole wide World 😉 or, it could be stuck with payment plans .

[ October 18th update ]
so the invasion of the Korean Penninsula will begin two-folds : first Apple Korea will sell WiFi models through their contractors in departments stores AND retail stores . then KT/KTF AND/OR SKT will conjure up the 3G models .


[ November 9th update ]
early reservation for Apple iPad Korean version to start 9am this morning at KT/KTF similar to application stages of Apple iPhone 4 .
OK, now extended to 8pm .. but initial prices for a whopping 3-year contract !?
both mode of wireless models in WiFi AND 3G offered in 16G/32G/64G each .
those with foreign registration can inquire at 1600-1522 HanShinPyong Customer Support Center .

while some dealers revealed 3-year subscription rates for all 6 variation models in total mid afternoon
by sundown it was announce the early reservation will be delayed further
siting “international currency rates” ???
but in reality perhaps because of early consumer reaction to its hefty data rates
or blame it all on the upcoming G20 Summit -_-

[ November 11th update ]
so the delay WAS from sensitivity to consumer acceptability of Apple iPad pricing in South Korea ..
greedy 3-year subscription is gone to be supplemented by the usual 2 .

more-over, an awaited issue for early-adopters who bought Apple iPads from abroad :
only Wi-Fi version would be accepted as World Warranty
and 3G models NOT covered to be repaired within South Korea under Apple product support .


[ November 15th update ] prices leaked for 3G models only :
– 16GB W 836,000
– 32GB W 968,000
– 64GB W1,100,000

with a valid residence identification : if you opt for KT/KTF’s 2 or 3 year plan, you can divide this into montly plans
with W123,200 discount support from KT/KTF,
with sign-up fee AND USIM Card additional .



[ November 20th update ]
price changed and KF/KTF currently taking early reservations for 2 year subscription contracts for ALL 6 models of Wi-Fi AND 3G .

(A) sign-up information for foreigners WITH ID AND credentials at

(B) list of 6 KTF “Global Customer Centers” in the Capital of Seoul for foreigners :
the grand title is misleading as these are NOT large customer centers but small drop points throughout Seoul .
out of which ‘iTaewon’ Branch is NOT recommended for coming in contact with too many foreigners has turned these people semi-con-persons leading customers to their profit AND/OR ease -_-

(C) list of KTF branches throughout South Korea including Seoul, taking Apple iPad sign-up reservations :

after which, expected to start shipping November 30th .


[ November 30th OR Apple iPad Day in South Korea update ]

NOT even early adoptors but even a bit tech-aware consumer had been long~ aware of its coming, but the general population were taught of Apple iPad’s Official release today through TV-news . and the common trend was that to-be-buyers eventually realizing 3G is uncomparably slow to Wi-Fi option AND the package of 2GB OR 4GB traffic is unforgivingly small : those who had reserved early with KT/KTF cancelled 3G and instead bought it in brick-and-mortar Apple Stores throughout South Korea .

in conclusion :

  1. early reservist can pick up their iPads at designated KTF-Show cellphone stores OR KT which used to be local telephone companies,
  2. OR one can simply buy one at off-line Apple-contract stores OR Frisbie’s in South Korea (there are NO direct Apple-run stores in South Korea except the Korean On-Line Store)



aside from early reservations, one will be able to directly buy on-line at KT’s Show PhoneStore OR Apple’s directly run On-Line Store from about December 3rd OR 4th .

Apple iPad Full-Retail Prices at KT/KTF Telecom Branches in South Korea :
3G AND Wi-Fi models : 16GB W784,000 / 32GB W886,000 / 64GB W994,000 – ONLY sold through KT/KTF Telecommunications
Wi-Fi ONLY models : 16G W635,000 / 32GB W748,000 / 64GB W865,000 – available at KT/KTF AND Apple-contract stores

Apple iPad Full-Retail Prices at Apple-contract stores in South Korea including Frisbies :
Wi-Fi ONLY models : 16G W640,000 / 32GB W770,000 / 64GB W890,000 are slighty higher than KT/KTF Telecom prices -_-


.. but wait, how about Apple MacBook Air instead ? – to be continued –

[ December 1st Apple direct sale of iPad 3G AND SKT SK Telecom option update ]
in an unexpected twist of events Apple’s directly-rum Korea On-Line Store
has begun sale of 3G model as well .
what this means is that buyers can choose SKT SK Telecom as carrier for (internet) data use .

currently KT/KTF is offering 2-year subscription with substantial discount of the machine itself as well as monthly use IF NOT cancelling mid-term .
however you have to pay addition W20,000 per month for maximum 2GB data traffic OR W40,000 for 4GB .

if however, one has been subscribed to SKT SK Telecom’s data subcription of W55,000 OR more per month which provides UNLIMITED traffic :
you can additionally use an iPad 3G with Data-Sharing Plan of only W3,000 per month additional !

but, this current SKT price set may be subject to change with sudden influx of Apple iPad use
which will conjure lot more data traffic than smart phones for which this price plan was originally inteded //