Korea Tech BLog regularly brings you the most extensive resale price chart going around on the Korean Peninsula . however, iPhones more than iPad price differ much depending upon state and accessories, further on refurbished unopened and used . so please take this as a general guideline at most, offered in pure good-will .

so here’s an ode to that Wonderful moment you held your first iPhone :

traditionally dubbed as the Land of the Morning Calm on tourist pamphlets, while priding themselves as the Eastern nation with etiquette ..

ofcourse during the dawn of cell phones in the mid-nineties : Motorolla was the only choice and COOL . then for a short while Korean LG, Sky and Japanese Sanyo took turns getting the lime-light with stylish designs . after which over the Millennium SamSung AnyCall had monopoly with star idol advertisements and eventually full-screen touch phones . and they probably had a hand in holding-off iPhone, until the latter model in 3GS landed in 2009 . also the catalyst in turning the second carrier KT to win over dominating SKT .



fast-forward to the morning of September 13th Thursday circa 2012, immediately after the States-side announcement of Apple’s iPhone 5, used iPhone 4S prices around South Korea rose about W50,000 on 32GB models . incredibly the next day, to go down W100,000 and continuous flow of sellers, with 16GB forming the bulk .


. . . . . . . . . . . . . SK/KT Branch . . Stores . . . refurbished . . . used . . .

iPhone 3GS. 8GB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . W170,000 . . W100,000
iPhone 3GS 16GB. . . . . . . . . . . W244,000 . . W180,000 . . W120,000
iPhone 3GS 32GB. . . . . . . . . . . W423,000 . . W190,000 . . W150,000

iPhone 4 16GB . . . W810,000 . . W395,000 . . W300,000
iPhone 4 32GB . . . . . . . . . . . . . W435,000 . . W350,000 . . W300,000

iPhone 4S 16GB . . W814,000 . . W600,000 . . W400,000 . . W450,000
iPhone 4S 32GB . . W946,000 . . W650,000 . . W450,000 . . W500,000
iPhone 4S 64GB . . 1,078,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . W620,000 . . W640,000


(explanation on the above chart)

  1. SK/KT Branches selling iPhone 4S without subscription,
    (however is NOT realistic because carriers give substantial discount on annual subscription – extented to 2 years from the iPhone age
    and SKT may be a good W50,000 more expensive than KT)
  2. independent store selling display models and those that had signed-on BUT not used,
    (again flunctuating as sellers tactics change, with iPhone 4 White W20,000/16GB W40,000/32GB more than Blacks)
  3. unused, refurbished device resold by consumers
  4. and used phones sold-out by consumers
    (with 3GS dropping quickly after iPhone 5 announcement yesterday)

important to note that in South Korea : when you take a broken iPhone for repair, you get a refurbished one in exchange . and some users sell this right-out, without using it . but Korean users familiar with iPhone, generally prefer a moderately used-one than a clean refurbished one, so refurbished sell more cheaply on iPhone 4S, while more expensive on iPhone 4 and 3GS, because users deem a fixed device is better on those produced and/or used over a year .

*refurbished iPhone brought from abroad is NOT subject to Apple support, but there are ample independent repair shops, notably on the 8th floor of iPark Mall on top of YongSan KTX Station, Seoul West .

these are actual LOWEST sold price (so the average “going rate” would be a few W10,000 higher) for September 14th Friday, a day after the announcement in the States, although the release date for South Korea is not even known yet ! prices are of like-new without dents or scratches, with 5-or-so Months of support left for iPhone 4s, while iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS price largely dependent on condition as well as accessories coming with it .

also, important to note SamSung Electronics’ main model Galaxy S3 had a W170,000 SALE last WeekEnd just prior to Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement, told on my earlier Post .



– Korea Tech BLog, as another hype looms over the Globe Mid-September 2012 –


( October 5th Supplement ) Thanks to a massive virtual networks implemented from early 1992, used market especially in computers and electronics is swift among dedicated virtual communities in Korean web portals . the most price-conscious way to hop onto iPhone 5 is selling your used cell phone through these, but since manic competition is expected from cellular carriers awaiting for early iPhone 3GS and 4 users to switch : more options for those not easy with this ordeal .

  1. attractive exchange program expected from cellular carriers, where KT is known to be more lenient than SKT on price appraisals on used phones,
  2. “Eco Phone” plan fro KT buys any kind of used BUT disconnected cell phones, but those manufactured prior to December 31st 2007 only accepted with W5,000


( December 9th Sunday ) on the First WeekEnd of iPhone 5 Release into South Korea

as the used price list initially posted 3 Months ago still hold true, here are buy-in programs with much merit now, from either cellular carriers :
*one major difference between carriers is that while KT is applicable as a trade-in when buying a new phone, SKT buys-in separate . both either by mail-in or drop-by

  • KT’s Green Phone Program :
    (A+) is like-new, (A) is acceptable while (B) is damaged or malfunction
    price changes and Black/White differs sometimes W10,000 either way

    • iPhone 3GS. 8GB A+ W 90,000 A W 70,000 B W 20,000
    • iPhone 3GS 16GB A+ W110,000 A W 90,000 B W 30,000
    • iPhone 3GS 32GB A+ W120,000 A W100,000 B W 30,000
    • iPhone 4. 8GB A+ W300,000 A W250,000 B W 50,000
    • iPhone 4 16GB A+ W310,000 A W260,000 B W 50,000
    • iPhone 4 32GB A+ W310,000 A W260,000 B W 50,000
    • iPhone 4S 16GB A+ W440,000 A W400,000 B W 70,000
    • iPhone 4S 32GB A+ W450,000 A W410,000 B W 80,000
    • iPhone 4S 64GB A+ W450,000 A W410,000 B W 80,000
    • Galaxy S2 SHW-M250KW A+ W210,000 A W180,000 B W 10,000
  • SKT’s Eco Phone Program :
    (N) is new, (A) is like-new (B) acceptable and (D) damaged

    • iPhone 3GS. 8GB N W 96,000 A W 80,000 B W 40,000 D W 15,000
    • iPhone 3GS 16GB N W108,000 A W 90,000 B W 40,000 D W 20,000
    • iPhone 3GS 32GB N W108,000 A W 90,000 B W 40,000 D W 20,000
    • iPhone 4. 8GB N W300,000 A W250,000 B W 125,000 D W 60,000
    • iPhone 4 16GB N W312,000 A W260,000 B W130,000 D W 65,000
    • iPhone 4 32GB N W312,000 A W260,000 B W130,000 D W 65,000
    • iPhone 4S 16GB N W440,000 A W400,000 B W200,000 D W100,000
    • iPhone 4S 32GB N W440,000 A W400,000 B W200,000 D W100,000
    • iPhone 4S 64GB N W440,000 A W400,000 B W200,000 D W100,000
    • Galaxy S2 SHW-M250KW N W214,000 A W180,000 B W 85,000 D W 0

note competing Galaxy’s resale value almost half of iPhone – one of the reason why the two cannot be compared in similar terms .



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