Apple nor telecommunication carriers offer ample information for foreign travelers and expatriates, especially before an iPhone is released into the consumer market, thus it is up to ourselves to conjure-up facts, which gets clearer as more perpetual tourists actually begin setting-up their new devices .

I have to note that the hey-days of iPhone is gone on the Korean Peninsula, as while it was making news during the belated 3GS and 4 : hardly one out of ten people in a bus or subway carriage would be seen using an iPhone after 5 and 5S . as local media deems Apple a company to go broke any time .. thus it is only those faithful geeks, nerds and Korean students studying in the States returning regularly who follows-up on the latest Apple mobile devices . I have turned to the Dark Side a Year now, only updating iPhones for colleages with American or European business partners .

*This is NOT about ROAMING IN South Korea with your iPhone signed-up abroad, but purchasing iPhone 6 abroad for use within South Korea because it is again thrusted way-behind the list of early-release countries .



first you need to look at Compare iPhone 6 Models at :

and 2/3 down on the Page stating Cellular and Wireless specifications .


second, take a glance through iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Tech Specs :

onto 1/3 down on the Page listing Cellular and Wireless compatibility

  • iPhone 6 : Model A1549 (GSM) / Model A1549 (CDMA) / Model A1586
  • 6 Plus : Model A1522 (GSM) / Model A1522 (CDMA) / Model A1524

any model above should word when signed up with predominent SK or KT cellular carriers . although iPhone 6 can now be subscribed to LG (carrier brand is U Plus) with the addition of VoLTE, it is not yet expected to work 100% throughout the Peninsula, so hold it on LG for now .

then again the matter of getting an unlocked phone for use in South Korea . you can get one from T-Mobile if you pay Full-price on-start .




the favourite country so far, to purchase an iPhone before belated Korean release date was Hong Kong because :

  1. Japanese cellular carriers noteably early iPhone contractor : SoftBank locked their device to keep subscribers from migrating to other carriers . this continued rigidly from iPhone 3 until the recent 5S .
  2. Singapore and Australia also sold Korean-compatible models or versions, but was quite far on physical journey (the coolest Apple-fan I saw while on iPad 2 was who flew directly to Fukuoka, bought two at Apple Store Tenjin, then flew straight back)

ofcourse its resale price plunged as local release was imminent, but vain are die-hard Apple fans around the World ..


but the good news is that Japan will begin to sell SIM-Free models on the upcoming iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, although their Official WebSite warns LTE may yet not be compatible on selective countries . but is expected to work in South Korea . Japan begain early reservation from September 12 Friday 2014 .



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