oh so you thought those flip-out stands underneath some of the coolest LAN router brands were neat, and can save space on the already-clustered desk-top . but a decade past the Millennium, Korean products are rarely design-oriented although all portable devices as well as their boxes in package design shout Apple wanna-be’s -_-

and yes we all have that experience : tried to be cute by standing that expensive wireless router vertically .. until one day you smashed it across the room . God-forbid if you bought one with FOUR antenna !

well, the most popular router manufacturer in South Korea by-far, ipTime offers another way of mounting your router straight-up ~
hmmm the good news is that it is cross-compatible with most of their latter white-line . while the down-side is that you gotta stick-it . and knowing how hot those routers get, better not wait until the adhesive melts down and simply wrap it up with a wire – bending ones from plant stores will work fine .

and cheap W2400 at larger discount outlets, but as mostly On-Line stores offer cut-throat prices : add another W2500 for next-day courrier delivery .



um, too flimsy for you ? then how about some twisting purple :


always in search for the most stable, network than the fastest
– Korea Tech BLog, early July 2012 –