a decade Post-Millennium South Korea : for roughly W2~30,000 a Month  (with subscription plan) you have access to the FASTEST internet connection on Planet Earth . it used to be a bit more but competition has brought down the price with cash-back if you sign up for a year to 3 .

sheering comparing prices : a more expensive plan does NOT necessarily mean the faster, but more depends on your geographical location .

  1. geographically nearer you are to the telephone company or service provider,
  2. in a more concentrated populace in a metropolis get the fastest lines,
  3. newer built structures in apartments or office buildings have state-of-the-art connections and security built-in, along with wonderful bidets is romely bathrooms 😉

 and within the same isp internet Service Provider, you will fine Normal and then Premium Price Plans which don’t differ much in an already-FAST connection with the latter for the 24-Hour downloader .


and now the bad news as in B.A.D. 

Korea information Society Development institute whose seemingly-ideologic but still-vague name is a testament to how effective their karma would be,
seems to be looking into how the current overload of on-line traffic is effecting its service providers’ stance . and ofcourse, in the manner a Korean organization always did when the nation was recovering from the war-torn days, is looking abroad for applicable models – which is down-ward any way you figure : for currently South Koreans are enjoying the best deal around .

so re-pack your go-bag , for the day traffic-cap is implemented onto this incredible piece of a Peninsula : you are ready again to be ET – an eternal tourist //