earlier plastic protector film sheets were from Korea 3M and AGF PureMate (defunct 15.12), mostly to cover laptops or notebooks and digital camera LCD viewing screens . there-after SpiGen SGP joined in popularity with thick wrap-around sheets to cover all sides of earlier bar-type and sliding cell-phones . then they made durable film sheets as full-screen smart-phones came to dominate and Tesla and Co (defunct 15.12) rose to stardom just last year . all of the fore-mentioned also offer stick-on applying service for FREE, and even considerable discount on second sheets should you make a mess on first trial -_-

here, I would like to introduce the under-dogs . slightly cheaper alternatives, each with specialized accent to the current Korean LCD screen protection film sheet cover market . they are about 75% to half price of their larger competitors above, and futile to mention price here, for they give considerable discount to mobile user-groups who purchase in bulk . they can be largely divided into bullet-proof glass-type and plastic sheets .

pro’s of glass-types is that it is incredibly hard BUT is almost as hard to take off later – even CAUTION : break ! AND you should make sure NO dust is in between when applying . the pro’s of plastic film sheets is that you can remove each speckle of dust simply with another adhesive tape one-by-one, while holding the film up for a while . BOTH types today will naturally extrude air bubbles formed within, in a few hours to days – ever amazed, witnessing plastics and glass that breathe, alike small pots for succulent plants, which need to more than others .


QVicKorea (defunct 15.12) GlassPop Glass Diamond (hard glass-type) only for front-screen

is the hardest in this Post, from Korean manufacturer of Chemical Tempered Glass for mobile devices, located in the Southern satellite city of Suwon .


130225-QVic-GlassPop-03-Korea-Tech-BLog 130225-QVic-GlassPop-04-Korea-Tech-BLog 130225-QVic-GlassPop-02-Korea-Tech-BLog


HS Chemical (defunct 15.12) Hypola-Aps (reinforced translucent acrylic sheet) polymetal methacrylate (hard-glass sheet type)
is a joy to coordinate, with either transparent, yellow, pink-orange and green side-colors
AND front or back side sold separately or as a front-and-back set package .

from local manufacturer of thin color glass sheets, with factory located towards the De-Militarized Zone in Paju, where the latest OutLet Malls have gathered a Decade Post-Millennium .

130225HSChemical-Hypola-Aps-01-Korea-Tech-BLog 130225HSChemical-Hypola-Aps-02-Korea-Tech-BLog 130225HSChemical-Hypola-Aps-03-Korea-Tech-BLog


PonTree Healing Shield AFP Oleophobic (plastic sheet type) comes with TWO front sheet and ONE back sheet .

selling all sorts of mobile accessories including LCD screen protector cover films, digital cable connectors, laptop keyboard skins and carry bags, with Off-Line brick-and-motor stores in YeongDeungPo and SinGil .

head-quartered in the old factory neighborhood of YeongDeungPo, West of downtown of the Capital .

130225-PonTree-Healing-Shield-03-Korea-Tech-BLog 130225-PonTree-Healing-Shield-04-Korea-Tech-BLog 130225-PonTree-Healing-Shield-01-Korea-Tech-BLog 130225-PonTree-Healing-Shield-02-Korea-Tech-BLog 130225-PonTree-Healing-Shield-05-Korea-Tech-BLog

( for Reference ) products contents checked for iPhone 5 with group-buy discount price, thus general stores would cost roughly 50% more to double

  • 3M MSP Screen Protective Film : Lite package contains a single film, while Normal package has TWO films W6300 plus W2500 Shipping
  • QVic Korea GlassPop Glass Diamond : contains a single glass sheet W22,400 plus W2500 Shipping
  • HS Chemical Hypola-Aps polymetal methacrylate : front W9400 / back W10,200 / front and back set W19,100 plus Shipping W2500
  • PonTree Healing Shield AFP Oleophobic W10,400 plus Shipping W2500 includes TWO front and ONE back with a mini-stand


– Korea Tech BLog, ever-intrigued at breathing plastics and glass –