SpiGen SGP initially sounds like a German company rather making bullet-proof windows for automobiles, but their head-quarters is located none-other than at the Silicon Valley on the Korean Peninsula : Gasan Digital Complex, which used to be the greasy factory district on the South-Western (then) outskirts of the Capital of Seoul – now blocked-up with glass monoliths housing local iT (information technology) start-up companies .

but like half-empty convention centers built out of greed, which then rents-out space to wedding halls and apparel outlets, a marginally successful outlet district have formed on its Eastern blocks guided on my Expat BLog .

SpiGen SGP is more known for their again name-catching “incredible Shield” line for LCD screen protection and further for the whole mobile device by wrapping-around in transparent plastic . however their surfaces are still soft for my taste and I prefer the less-messy dry-stick-on type than their liquid smudging to dry there-after .

on iPhone and iPad casing I prefer those that endorse Apple’s original design, with a buffer of protection – at least saving the holy device from a simple drop onto concrete road . and here with one that offers the same silver side-lining . but it gets bulky for first you wrap a soft silicone bumper, to cover another hard poly-carbonate ring on its outer circumference . more-over they cover soft buttons on top of actual ones instead of the peep-hole, push-through type . (post-script : but both plastics endure well without scratches NOR color pealing on continued, general use of 10 Months)

SpiGen SGP Neo Hybrid 2S bumper case introduced last year 2011, now W33,000 at larger discount outlets

Great over-all bumper with one caveat : the eventual earphone hole will be narrow for some popular headsets . in comes a cheaper, slimmer American case still enhancing iPhone 4S’s exterior design and colors :


Griffen Reveal Frame bumper case introduced this Month March 2012 costing almost W10,000 at larger discount outlets
with /allmost/ the same protection with generous holes to push buttons through, as well as insert earphones with larger plug-frames


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