don’t get intimidated for it’s not April’s Fool, but just wanted to show you what you should check at least once a year, as telecommunications bill is a biggie in Post-Millennium Korean Life . all in Korean just as the reception at the telecommunications branch will show you to decide which subscription plan you want to sign-up to . so get the feel of it, for picking one is personal although a joy too .

among the 3 charts above :

  1. the first is the new Egg Monthly rates from KT, at-a-glance
  2. the second in detail, before and after
  3. and the third further discount if you have a cell phone signed-up with KT also,


so before 1GB=W10,000 10GB=W20,000 30GB=W30,000 50GB=40,000
and after 10GB=W10,000 20GB=W20,000 and the rest same
but further W5,000/10,000/15,000 discounts except the first option
if you sign-up for a 2-Year subscription plan .

above is the Official rates from KT but a common discount before was
1GB=W10,000 30GB=W19,800 50GB=27,000 UnLimited=W40,000
for a 1-Year subscription with FREE Sign-Up AND USIM Chip/Card,
so more discounts expected on the new rates usually from KT branches as well as user groups .

do remember there are always basic processing fees which may be waived by the seller as a discount or subscription plan :

  • commencing Sign-Up Fee of W10,000
  • USIM Chip/Card 11,000


over-all it is for the better, for you get more band-width on the cheaper W10,000 and W20,000 plans . but no sane user would keep it alive for a full 2-Years for surely better plans AND speed device would come up before then .



– Korea Tech BLog, April 2012 –