from Left : the Original ‘Egg’ KWI-B2200, and having missed-out on the next ‘Egg 2’
this year’s ‘Egg 3’ interBro KWI-B2400 which came barely in time for Apple iPad 2 launch into South Korea,
then the almighty Strong ‘Egg’ KWD-B2600 with the longest battery life

– but wait – newest fad can be deceiving, as I have AND as you will find out from my post 😉

yes size-wise the Egg3 shrunk a bit, especially in thickness
for the Original was oval 3-D more like an egg, while the newer models are flattening out .
but what really matters is the heat
– the Original ‘Egg’ could be used as a portable heater as the Japanese have long used as “Kairo”

then one MISS for the newer Egg3 design-wise, is that is /hard/ to open,
– which is necessary more than the Original, for now it contains a removable battery –
here as shown the best-way figured-out /safely/ or else could very well injure your fingers !

where-as the ‘Strong’ Egg can be easily opened with your nails 😉 (NOT that it is loose)
both the newer models come with detachable batteries
although with 4 hours plus you will rarely need to buy extra .

one MISS for the ‘Strong’ Egg in design, would be the LED icons barely recognizable as lit
up on the front panel on the other side from the main button -_-

and below are 2 more third-generation Egg models I didn’t get because
the former is tiny AND low-powered
and the latter touts a gimmic to attach into your Apple iPhone 4 to be used as a back-up battery :



. . . . . . . MR100 . . Mini Egg 3 . . smallest Egg . . . . . . . . 4:30 hours . . . . 3users
interBro B2400 . . Egg3 . . . . . . . low heat, low power consumption 8~10 hours 3 users
. . . . . . . B2500 . . Egg Case . . . attaches to iPhone 4 . use as back-up battery of 1500mA
. . . . . . . B2600 . . Strong Egg . . long battery life . . . . . 9~14 hours


MR-100 . . 70 x 50 x 17.5mm . . . . 34.3g.(without 1,270mA battery)
B-2400 . . 98.4 x 59 x (h)23.2mm 100g.(with battery)
B-2500 . . 62 x 126.5 x (h)17.2mm 68g.
B-2600 . . 91 x 57 x (h)20.4mm . . 98g.(with 2300mA battery)

common Wi-Fi coverage aproximately 10m. (in a small apartment this would be the third room)
ofcourse the strength reduce drastically as you get further away
for example within the same room would be 3 bars, the second 2, then the third room 1 bar – out of 3 maximum .


I have done extensive speed testing for the first Original
but since using extensively for two years there-after, have come to the conclusion that
Pocket Wi-Fi depend greatly upon surounding AND movement
thus is it meaningless to do number crunching
instead to measure roughly by FAST – streaming movies, MEDIUM – smooth internet surfing, and SLOW – takes a few minutes to open a full internet page .

and on SPEED alone would be B2200 < B2400 < B2600 where the latter ‘Strong’ Egg the fastest,
stability on constant connection was B2400 < B2600 < B2200 with the Original ‘Egg’ the most steady
in /constant/ Speed as well as continuously retaining connection .
thus it is safe to state that recent developments on mobile WiBro-to-Wi-Fi devices
is more improved battery life than of constant stability OR improved speed -_-

and two-and-a-half years after the introduction of the first Original ‘Egg’
it is common in a coffee chain OR even on the subway to recognize other’s Egg signal in Korean metropolis !


are virtually the same at about W120,000 for the device
but most telecommunications branches offer it for FREE
when subscribed for a year with aproximately W10,000 a month for 1GB traffic
OR W30,000 for 30GB with slight options in-between as well as regular Sale of 6-months’ subscription for almost the same conditions .

[ Decision to WiBro OR NOT ]
these pocket Wi-Fi’s use WiBro signals recently available in the most concentrated populace among South Korea
and NOT the telecommunications signals for your cell phone
– even so, I have found signals disappearing on higher floors of even modest buildings –
plus in most metropolitan subway trains AND on major highways .
so the question is out-the-door if you live or work in the country-side .


so my choice among ALL the existing WiBro-to-Wi-Fi Eggs available in South Korea for this Summer of 2011
would be the longer-battery ‘Strong’ Egg and then still the Original Egg .

– Korea Tech Blog, June 2011 –