as I would like to hail the imminent iWatch as our Jeanne d’Arc (did you know I had the honour to encounter her modern replicant right on this divided Peninsula ?! this version survives a rather normal life to get happily married there-after, but her belief was consistent in this much deranged society Post-Millennium) to save us from this current mess among post-iPhone Wonders, in a confusing mix of curved LCD screens and early Android watches :
aside from ballista and catapult on technological seige support : archers at the on-set of medieval warfare would open the curtain to do early damage as they can . and because they were afar and safe from direct damage : they could not pin-point but wrath a swarm of slicing arrows towards a large target group .

and on the eve of acute twin-selections of iPhone 6’s and iWatches : mass media on their competing Penninsula on the other side of the Pacific Ocean is saturated with news of SamSung Galaxy Alpha, Note 4, Note Edge,  early smart-watches in SamSung Gear S and LG G Watch R – already in their second trial (and it is only fair to neglect a total of six development-phase versions so far – as it is common for local manufacturers to deem early consumers as beta-testers) with only perhaps 10% in anticipation of new devices to be introduced tomorrow .

so here’s to secrecy and the dawn of 2015 !


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