today I might have had a chance to have great sex, but got delayed while grumbling through a computer accessory store .. after-wards, to the keyboard store .. then to the cooler fan store ..
and in the end couldn’t make it because I was worne-out .. but Oh, My what a wonderful sight 😉

and yes, you gotta watch-out for the items are tiny and seemingly cheap, until you gather all together and would add-up to couple of vital pheripherals !
so you got to go in knowing what you are looking for, or else would end up spending a good hour or two, like me -_-


if you are like me, would have a favourite keyboard or two, that you use over and over .. to eventually see a few key letters or numbers being erased – especially E (A) S D K (L) N M – and although you are now an acclaimed typist without having to look at each key-stroke, still would want those letters showing – just in case .

yes letterings in even the cheapest keyboards (now mouse is another matter) are meant to last so you know it is time you changed into a new one, but heck unless you are changing the wagon over to the Mac ..


so this time around a couple of cheap letter and number stickers . would worry at first glance : if it would slide off eventually .. but viola~ sticks well, and cannot tell the difference unless looked with a magnifying glass, in black or white “V”


( October Update ) a good six months after, of the eight letters I had sticked :

  • 2 has virtually been erased,
  • and another 2 half visible,

so next time perhaps to cut-in transparent tape on top of each letters ..