( March 2011 Update : egg3’s coming in April !!! )

I have introduced the first WiBro Wi-Fi in the World last year in interBro’s KWI-B2200 promoted as simply Egg . allowing technology officially developed by KT AND interBro for 3 years, it allowed THREE users simultaneously and batter life at less than 4 hours . best of all : the recharging electric plug-in chord interface was the same as older Korean SamSung AnyCall CellPhones so you carried only one cord when traveling . however from mid-2000’s a smaller interface gender was placed at the tip on majority of Korean cell phones .

back then, even early-adoptors questioned the need for such a device and not many people understood the answers neither . but all came to light as Apple iPhone 3 landed on Korean shores and in anticipation for iPhone 4 as well as iPad, KT/KTF is introducing the second generation of Egg as Egg2 in 3 similar models of different design from 3 manufacturers .

  1. Modacom‘s KWD-B2300 whose design resembles current desktop wireless routers on the market,
  2. LG innotek‘s LKT-WR1000 which is has the sleakest neat design of all,
  3. interBro‘s Egg2 is yet to come as of Fall 2010 -_-



the first two has been rolling out since early Summer 2010 and the last to come anytime but no news yet . all three shares similar specifications and can be dubbed simply as “Egg2” and their improvements over the first generation of Egg is roughly :

  • size has been reduced approximately 40%, mostly thinner,
  • considerably faster than the first Egg,
  • built-in battery life basically remains the same at 4 hours maximum, but with the new “stand-by” feature can last up to full 24 hours,

ModaComm’s KWD-B2300

LG innotek’s LKT-WR1000

original wireless WiBro “Egg” maker interBro’s second generation Egg2 awaiting release



WiBro means “WireLess BroadBand”, allowing one to connect to the internet while on the move . similar to Mobile WiMax in North America .
one caveat is that it is only available in the most metro areas of concentrated population .

signals available in Seoul subway system

signals around metro Seoul

limited availability within South Korea

[ Speed Test ] aproximate measured by fellow community members in downtown Seoul :

interBro‘s original Egg KWI-B2200 : download 1.53Mbps, upload 2.52Mbps,
Modacom‘s KWD-B2300 : download 2.97Mbps, upload 1.34Mbps,
LG  innotek‘s LKT-WR1000 : boot time 40 seconds, download 2.27Mbps, upload 2.85Mbps
interBro‘s Egg2 pending release as of Fall 2010 -_-

I should point out that the above speed test is very loose estimates and pinpoint difference cannot be had, for much depends on the actual geographical  location, surrounding signal and simultaneous users, and also what portable device or sort of computer you are logging on from . do NOT forget that aside from speed alone, the ability to maintain a stable connection throughout is vital also . and so far, it is a general concensus that although the second general of Egg2’s introduced here can provide almost double the speed of earlier first generation Egg, the original Egg still offers the most stable constant connection //


[ Subscription Rates  in South Korea ]
in South Korea the best rates can be had through relative on-Line community forums, of which there is a LOT . much depends on how you choose those with the most /active/ members . and besides exchanging valuable information and forming resale markets, they regularly buy in bulk for their members, thus with much attractive price AND usually a few month FREE usage .

as for “Egg” series in South Korea offering wireless internet from mobile WiBro connections, most interest were last April from early adoptors when the first Egg manufactured by interBro was introduced by KT . then after, some more interest as the first line-up of the second generation of Egg was introduced this June in Modacom‘s KWD-B2300 . then now as LG innotek‘s LKT-WR1000 is introduced, these communities are offering the following subscription – in time after a month-or-so usage of Apple’s new iPhone 4 and ripe for iPad about to land in South Korea any time now :

W10,000 per month for maximum 1GB usage, and W25 per exceeding MB’s,
W19,800 per month for maximum 30GB usage and W10 per exceeding MB’s,
W27,000 per month for maximum 50GB usage and W10 per exceeding MB’s,

  • choice of either devices from Modacom or LG innotek,
  • FREE device, which originally retails for around W120,000 ~ 130,000
  • 2 months FREE usage prior to subscription,
  • no setup fee,
  • rebate of W25,000 (refund to bank account) within December 2010,
  • cannot cancel within 3 months of commencement,
  • mandatory 18 months subscription plan,
  • cancel fee will be charged as W120,000 divided by remaining months,



similar service called “Pocket Wi-Fi” is being touted in neighboring Japan since the recent influx of Apple iPad 😉

now understand the above are portable WiBro-to-Wi-Fi devices, signals from your WiBro account to sharable wireless Wi-Fi,
where as 3G-to-Wi-Fi has been introduced by KT/KTF in Danbi
where you connect this again, small device of similar size as above WiBro models, to the bottom of your cell phone
and actually use cell phone signals from this cell phone – to share on Wi-Fi .
but note that WiBro is 3-times-fold faster than 3G -_-

Related Post of the earlier, original “Egg” :
KT WiBro portable wireless router “Egg” KWI-B2200 review and speed test



– Korea Tech BLog, November 2010 –
always connected, around the World



[ December 5th Supplement ]
after being “mobile” for a while, Wi-Fi roamers will find it is NOT necessary to purchase 3G plans
(which costs a hefty W20,000 for 2GB traffic per Month or W40,000 for 4GB)
unless your work always brings you out in the middle of nowhere in the Korean Penninsula -_-

for these portable “egg” wireless Wi-Fi makes sense because :

  1. cost-effective W10,000 per Month for unlimited use with an 18 Month Subscription with FREE device,
    (or else the machine alone would cost around W120,000 common for all THREE new models above)
  2. included in KT/KTF Telecom’s “Egg” subcription is use of Olleh (formerly Nespot) Service
    which is an astonishing dots of paid Wi-Fi Spots in the most populated sectors throughout South Korea !
  3. 3G is uncomparably slow~ to Wi-Fi if you ever want extensive use -_-


[ March 25th 2011 Supplement ]
with the second generation of all sorts of pads AND tabs including Apple iPad 2 on the way
next month in April 2011 KT will introduce the third installment of eggs in egg 3 in a new line-up of 3 models as before and will be varied in size AND weight .

  1. and no wonder the inprovement we seek the most : longevity in battery life – will be 3 times as the first egg introduced in 2009 enabling 7:30 ~ 8 hours use in interBro’s KWI-W2400 .
  2. KT Tech will be introducing another egg in KM-MR100 reducing size to 60% BUT with-holding same battery life . also is previewed to be used around the World with signature .
  3. the most drastic change is in cell-phone case-form egg in KWI-2500 to be fit into Apple iPhone 4, doubling as external battery – several vendors have already introduced external battery in this form also used as a hard shell-cam case – with battery life of 4 hours able to fully-charge an iPhone 4 .


[ April 15th 2011 Supplement ] the /usual/ discount set-up for purchasing an Egg OR Egg 2 subscription was :

  • THREE Months free use in the beginning,
  • with mandatory ONE year contract,
  • while paying W10,000 monthly during this year,


but now a new discount scheme offers FIVE Months free use for starters with the rest as usual .

.. well yes, because Apple iPad 2 is about to be released too,
but then from the Jedi-Mind-Set you can guess that Egg 3 is ready to be announced
oh ~ how time flies




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