even when the economy is bad, you gotta take vacation to refresh AND energize, for you worked hard to make things meet .

but you gotta tote your notebook, laptop or even a netbook along to work at nights . thus you will need a powerful machine with larger-screen .

but to make mobile sense out of the myriad of choices you have, a one-paragraph packed advice on what brand is what in the Korean Penninsula as of Summer 2010 .



this is an updated supplement to my general  information Pages (for content holding true for more than a year) found above on notebooks .

again, you buy these portable machine IN the country where you will be living for more than a year, because so many things can go wrong in the packed technology, especially the fragile LCD screens when you travel .

and ofcourse you have found out that “Global coverage support” is a joke AND companies’ agreement change so find out before you buy on each model AND brand .

also note that SamSung AND LG have support centers throughout the Souther Korean Penninsula in major conjested areas . next comes TG Sambo which have almost as many support centers but away from main roads AND less glitzy interior .

the next best thing in product support is that Electronic Land (JeonJa Land) and supermarts such as HomePlus accepts support for products sold in one of their many outlets throughout Korea .



[ Korean-based ]

currently SamSung is without a doubt the lightest AND powerful notebook and laptop brand BUT is the most expensive (at leasst 50% more than the /sensible/ competition) along with Sony Vaio, although less glitzy in design than the latter . but their smaller NetBook line is more affordable with a mere few W10,000 above competition and chosen because of dependable support .

LG used to do better over the Millennium but now is a tad behind AND out of the spotlight mainly due to lack of interesting models, especially of dull design .

TG Sambo is a wonder of a local Korean experience in that it offers quite a sensational hit now-and-then WITH competitive price AND enough support centers spread out throughout Korea . noteably their “Rookie” netbook line shown from early 2010 continues to sell off the racks for its compactness AND price .


[ US-based ]

Dell has gained momentum in South Korea over the Millennium AND packs some of the latest inovative technology WITH quite cute color variations to choose from but still is simply on the heavier side of mobile computing . Dell had a 12″ hit few years back and is followed for its no-BS Global coverage, for a price . products sold through their on-line site usually assembled in neighboring China and delivered into Korea in about 10 days, with different model variations selling on independent on-line stores .

HP and Compaq is more ordinary from Toshiba above whose hayday may be yet to come . but support centers are better and understanding than their Japanese-origin counterparts .


[ Japan-based ]

Sony‘s VAIO logo attracts attention only next to Apple AND is powerfull, thin AND light but is much expensive along with SamSung above . another culprit or gain depending upon your needs AND taste is their high-resolution screens which stand out from other laptop makers . this is a good example of a great company holding hands with a notorious importer (Sony-Korea) and charges for any service they can bill for at their again glitzy support centers (few but in major cities Korea-wide) .

Fujitsu support centers are almost notorious as Sony (hmmm.. what is the deal with the lingering Japan-Korea thing ?) and now and then shows up with interesting products but their make tend to be fragile to carry around for serious work .

Toshiba again as Japanese originating makers tend to have sticky support centers, again is the same, but only has following of multi-media manias or portion of the general public duped buy sellers as such . a very mediocre choice whose price, specifications NOR design .. none is out of the ordinary .


[ Taiwan-based ]

Asus remains to be THE competitive in quality, price AND design in mobile computing in South Korea post-Millennium . more popular in smaller netbooks though . as their mainboard or motherboards are also known in Korea as de facto around the World . one short minus may be that they have only a couple of support centers also taking care of their motherboards, in all of Korea, where you will have to send in via over-night courrier if you live out of metropolis .

IBM used to have a confident following with thin, light business laptops nearing End of the Decade, but has lost the spotlight since being handed over to Lenovo .

MSI is everything a tad below Asus above with lower pricing – thus considerable choice for students .

Acer is making a comeback with powerful models for a surprisingly affordable pricetag . but Koreans especially the young are dubious of a company who once packed-and-ran out of South Korea leaving NO support centers in operations for duped users . currently a single support center – and handling specific models only – in all of Korea .



to the tune of advice given above, TWO higher-end notebooks still in the affordable category for Summer 2010 :

Acer Aspire TimeLine X 3820TG-524G50n out June 2010 discounted at W1,200,000
Core i5-520M (Dual, low power 35w) 13.3″ 1366×768 16:9 resolution LED back-lit screen, 4G RAM 500GB HDD on-board VGA + Radeon HD5650 Wireless n, BlueTooth 3.0 USB x3 HDMI 6 cell battery, Korean Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit black 22~29mm thick volume 1937cc 1.8kg

Asus N82JQ-VX025V out June 2010 discounted at W1,400,000
Core i7-720QM (Quad 45w power) 14″ 1366×768 resolution 16:9 LED back-lit screen, 4GB RAM 500GB HDD DVD-Multi GForce GT335M fast graphics Wireless n, BlueTooth 2.1EDR USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 x2, HDMI 6 cell battery Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit brown 33~35mm thick volume 2850cc 1.9kg
N82JQ-VX025V 코어i7 720QM 4G 500G 지포스 GT335M 1G 14.0HD LED4


– Korea Tech BLog, June 2010 –