( coming up : Forward the iWatch, iWatch, iWatch and SamSung, Second iWatch, iWatch’s Edge and iWatch AND Earth by Hari Seldon Oh, I mean Korea Tech BLog ) 

it all started with the animated television series inspector Gadget, which began airing back in 1983 – around the same time robot watches started appearing on electronics discount catalog sales outlets in Manhattan, with varied Transformer-type watches and ultimately : Japan at the height of its Walkman era, produced Takara KronoForm 0o0
80s Transformer Kronoform Takara Autobot Watch front Takara KRONOFORM watch 1983 front

after which a REAL smart-phone watch was unveiled this January at CES Consumer Electronics Show ! but too soon to rejoice as there seem to be several drawbacks, least of which the bulk can be quite COOL 😉 it is NOT a true smart-watch as it has be be paired by tethering with your existing Android smart-phone . then the critical battery may only last half a day -_- all-the-while current rumours circulating about Apple’s venture into its ultimate iWatch, is enhancing many speculative designs ..


What’s NEXT ? Well, Get Smart with iShoes 😉