while the most popular wired gaming mouse in South Korea is Team Scorpion X-Luca introduced on this BLog, most sought-after wireless award goes to Patech PTM-G7 Behemos release a full year ago . and NOT even necessarily for gaming, the two are popular for its sleek design AND performance tried over half-a-year, costing under W20,000 at larger On-Line discount outlets – thus brick-and-motor stores will ask a bit more .

formed in 2005 on the Southern outskirts of SEOUL in GeunPo, Patech sells mostly mouse and routers . Patech-PTM-G7-Behemos-780a

Patech-PTM-G7-Behemos-780b Patech-PTM-G7-Behemos-780c Patech-PTM-G7-Behemos-780d Patech-PTM-G7-Behemos-780e

  • Patch PTM-G7 Behemos’ cheapest price in March 2013 is W19,200 and consider this to comparable mouse from Global manufacturers like Logitech and Microsoft which sell for THREE times more -_-
  • the first impression you get upon sight is BAT-MOUSE in all-black .
  • the model name Behemos PTM-G7 inscribed in bright silver gives a very cheap impression (appended March 2015 : which however did not scratch-off at all, in over two years of use).
[ SIZE ]
  • it may be on the smaller side of a normal full-function mouse with more than THREE buttons, and is rather flat and long thus NOT ergonomically comfortable to the palm but a minor issue : as it holds firmly with thumb and hind fingers around its sides .
  • it is two-tone black with glossy and matte portions forming a batman-look, with the top-front Left and Right buttons AND rear support (metal weights lid) in hard rubber .
  • the top-front wheel is molded in again cheap-lookin transparent plastic, with soft rubber around the exterior where your index fingers rub . it rotates in clicks, and does NOT roll-over by itself as in higher Logitech models .


[ LED ]
  • THREE LED lights (probably the cheapest-looking I’ve seen on any mouse to-date) on front-Left side shows which sensitivity you are using, but the last third light to the rear is faint – first seen as a defect, to be common on others products also .
  • it is light, as in cheap, however
  • the FOUR tiny metal weights which pop-out when pushed on the rear, is accentuated on their ads but does not matter how many you choose to contain – except perhaps for the most sensitive Gamer .
  • although I have NOT yet tried their own software – for it basically should work well with Windows drivers, it is on the sensitive side with middle-sensitivity chosen to cover the whole monitor screen with one swipe of your hand .
  • good the USB dongle inserts neatly into the tiny slot on the bottom of the mouse, when not in use or travel
  • and a “big” plus is the soft black artificial suede carrying case that comes in the box – just about the only aspect much worthy than its humble price 😉
  • Pro’s : clearly the price and relatively smooth handling, with cool additions found on gaming mouse – such as DPi selectivity and adjustable weights . plus even a fitting pouch – unexpected on a low-price mouse //
  • Con’s : cannot help the cheap-looking design because it is, and considerably short battery life compared to biggies like Microsoft and Logitech who, ofcourse would had much more funds for quality control and research ..


– Korea Tech BLog –

( March 2nd 2014 Update ) was simple and joy sailing although a bit hard in hold as well as pointer movement on-screen, the only aspect bothering and worrying was the cheap-looking sensor and its hole under-neath . and started going hey-wire after a good year of use .. but a thorough cleansing into the sensor hole on the bottom – air-blowing and taping what dust there may be – took it back to normal operation //

( February 2015 Update ) this is one of the few smaller companies whose support staff responds to every inquiry on related forums – even though the mass popularity has faded due to many other cheap competitors rising . and after about two years of mediocre use (on my second computer): the mouse pointer started going irresponsively hay-wire . I would have ditch such a no-brand, and gone back to Logitech but since they seem to have switched again out-source repair contract, whose service now seems notorious ..

I sent it to their only support center on the out-skirts of the Capital via next-day Post . and Lord be our witness : it came back on the third day with exchanged receiver with testing slip . just hope we will live in a World where this kind of company survives long and prosper ~

( February 2016 ) seems its like their annual event where the mouse pointer goes dancing again on itself . hard to complain on a cheap product with immaculate support, but how many time do you have to send-in a mouse .